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Review: Smallville Season 11 – Chapter 19

Comic Booked 10/19/2012 Features
Smallville digital chapter 19 cover

Digital chapter 19 is part seven of Detective, the second episode of Smallville Season 11!  It’s going to take a few spoilers to do it, but before we jump into chapter 19 let’s take a look back at what happened before the hiatus.  In chapter 18, Superman and Batman officially agreed to partner up.  While his mental work may still be shoddy, Clark again showed how much better he’s gotten at thinking ahead since he leveled up.  They took turns showing off super powers in some fun comic book action, only to eventually find an aged, meek Joe Chill in no shape to put up a fight.  Even as ever more villains from the Batman mythology show up, Smallville proves it’s still all about the characters.  Whether it’s Superman and Batman, Ollie and Lex or even Lex and Otis, the interactions between the characters and their relationships is the driving force behind Smallville, as it always has been.

Toyman gets his first major screen time in the latest chapter, and I knew it wouldn’t take writer Bryan Q. Miller long to use him!  Toyman is an important re-occurring character, having shown up at least once a season ever since he was first introduced.  He still knows Clark’s secret at this point, and that in and of itself makes me nervous every time I even see him on a panel.  No matter who draws them, I always love the flashback murals in this comic. They reference the show so well and sometimes even portray things that happened in “offscreenville.”

Mr. Freeze on Smallville !One of our greatest pleasures as Smallville fans has always been seeing how different characters from the DC Comics mythos translate into that world.  Will they keep the essential elements?  What will they tweak?  The introduction of Batman and Barbara Gordon has been interesting and unique, as has Joe Chill.  Now that The Prankster and Mr. Freeze have come to town I’m eager to find out how much of them we’ll get to see, and how well we’ll get to know them.  One of the few frustrating things about this book though is that it can only tease how they would have looked in live action.  Towards the end the show took on characters like Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Booster Gold without really shying away from the extreme aspects of their costumes, and I would love to see how they would have tackled Mr. Freeze.  Chapter 19 was mostly action, and gave us a good old fashioned cliffhanger with both of our heroes left in dire straights!  Whether they instantly escape or grapple long term with those scenarios, I hope it leaves the extra villains more time to develop Smallville style!


As always, please buy Smallville, don’t pirate this book.  Remember, we vote with our purchasing power, and it only costs 99 cents a digital chapter to flex your consumer muscle on this one and say you want more!  Another print collection will be available soon, so if digital isn’t your thing DC has you covered! Also, let’s make sure to give credit where credit is due:

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