Blue Estate is a new comic written by Viktor Kalvekhev and Kosta Yanev and published by Image Comics. It follows a contemporary Russian mafia family in L.A., along with their associates and those who investigate them. With a cast of compelling characters and a constant stream of violent, sexually charged and drug fueled situations; this series often seems less like a comic book and more like a prime time drama on HBO or AMC.

The fifth issue of Blue Estate sees the business relationship between Tony Luciano, an Italian mob boss, and Bully Ducharme, brother of starlet Rachel Maddox, reach a potential breaking point as a real estate deal is soured by some unexpected problems. Meanwhile, movie star Bruce Maddox continues to hide his money laundering scheme from his co-star and wife, who has more then a few surprises of her own.

A real estate deal gone bad

A real estate deal gone bad


This issue demonstrates that Kalvekhev and Yanev have plenty of good ideas and show no indication of slowing down. They have developed an interesting storyline that has left me wondering what is going to come next. Blue Estate is a fresh and unexpected criminal drama in a medium that is sorely lacking in that genre. I hope it managed to maintain its momentum, because if it does, we can expect great things from this creative team in the future.