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Bloodshot Returns This July

David Vandervliet 03/07/2012 Reviews

Valiant Comics continues to make waves in preparation for  the coming “Summer of Valiant!”

Two titles have already been announced, but now the big guns are coming out.  Valiant has released a teaser image for the upcoming Bloodshot series, set to debut in July, and they promise that “every mission is a suicide mission.”

Bloodshot The news that a Bloodshot series was planned for inclusion in the first round of titles from the recently revived publisher was not a surprise, especially considering the news that a film starring the character is in the works.

This is the third series that Valiant has announced for the coming summer, following on the heels of May’sX-O Manowar and June’s Harbinger.  Unlike these previous series, no creative team has been named yet for the upcoming Bloodshot.  It also hasn’t been announced if this book will also feature the variant “pullbox” or “QR reader talking covers” or if Valiant has something new planned for the book.

There is also a fourth series expected to be announced soon. Will it be the already-implied return of Gilad Anni-Padda aka The Eternal Warrior? Or maybe fan favorites like Shadowman, Ninjak, or even Quantum and Woody?  Or perhaps Valiant will decide to go with a series featuring one of the hundreds of other characters in the Valiant Universe that didn’t have a title in the 90’s? Could it even be the announcement of a new character?

Tune in here tomorrow to find out!


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