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BLACK KISS II Begins in August

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Howard Chaykin, whose work in the comic industry spans close to forty years and includes titles for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and nearly every publisher under the sun, will be working on a follow up to his most successful and controversial title. Black Kiss II is a sequel to his 1988 series, Black Kiss, which pushed the boundaries of comic books. Here’s the official press release from Image Comics.

At the close of the 1980s, Howard Chaykin pushed every limit in comics with Black Kiss, a hardboiled, erotic series that controversially merged sex, violence, and religion. The story took its protagonist from ’80s Los Angeles to the Vatican as he uncovered the secrets of bizarre vampire cult. Chaykin now returns to that sordid world with BLACK KISS II, a new miniseries with Image Comics, debuting in August.


Cover to Black Kiss II by Howard ChaykinOf the original Black Kiss, Chaykin has commented that “The California-ness of it is a really big deal,” but in BLACK KISS II, he takes readers to New York City in the early 20th century — to a country on the brink of monumental changes, where the melting pot of steaming filth, lust, and fantasy threatens to boil over. And where, as the century moves on, the fantasies that appear on flickering film will present a means for an insatiable evil to spread.


“The original series generated far more attention, notoriety and, frankly, income, than I ever anticipated.” said Chaykin. “That said, after fielding offers and requests for a follow up, it wasn’t until I was listening to Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, specifically the anthem that closes act one, ‘I’m Still Here,’  that I had any idea how or what to do with a sequel.  So thanks to Image for being there at the right time, and blame Stephen Sondheim.”


The six-issue BLACK KISS II miniseries tells the story behind the events of the original Black Kiss. And like the first series, it is in Chaykin’s finely drafted black-and-white. The first issue will be in stores on August 1 and is available to pre-order now from the June issue of PREVIEWS (JUN120423). It is rated Mature for graphic depictions of sex.

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