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BigHead Bash with Hellboy

Comic Booked Guest Writer 11/06/2012 Games and Gaming

Like first person shooters?
How about deathmatch, where you pit your skills against a ton of other players?
Tired of Quake, Tribes, Team Fortress, Painkiller or your FPS of choice?
Ever wish you had a super big head and were some cool toy, while you played one of your favorites online?
Well now all your dreams have become reality with BigHead Bash. Stop venting in your mike to folks that simply do not care. Cool down, and have some fun! You can play it on Facebook, among other places. If Hellboy is not your thing, they have plenty of other BigHead types to choose from.

Hellboy, Liz, Abe Sapien, Kraus, and Roger Now Available for Purchase and Play

Shanghai. November 5, 2012 – Spicy Horse Games, the creative force behind “Alice: Madness Returns,” “Crazy Fairies,” and “American McGee’s Grim” announced today that the latest update to “BigHead BASH” adds Hellboy characters to its lineup of collectible fighting toys.

Monday’s update adds Hellboy himself as well as Liz, Abe Sapien, Kraus, and Roger to “BigHead BASH’s” collection of characters. Players take the comic book cast into battle, waging head-expanding battle across a wacky selection of maps and arenas. Based on and licensed from the Dark Horse Comics Hellboy titles, all characters are artistically approved by Dark Horse.

Players can purchase the new figures through the “BigHead BASH” shop, available within the game itself.

“BigHead BASH” is a real-time shooting game with wacky and collectible toy characters based on original and licensed IPs including Andox and Box from China’s popular show “Happy Camp,” and political figures including Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney.

For more information on “BigHead BASH”, visit Their SITE

For more information on Spicy Horse, visit Them HERE

Go try it already. I know everyone is ready to deathmatch some politicians after all the commercials we’ve had to endure these past few months. Let ’em have it. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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