I added the question mark because, frankly, everything about a possible Elder Scrolls MMO has been conjecture ever since Morrowind launched and people rumoured that it had online capability. None the less the guys over at TomsGuide seem to think that this time the rumours hold something substantial. According to an industry source that wished to remain annonymous, this Elder Scrolls setting would take place a full millenia before the events of Skyrim and during The Second Era. If this is true then it would take place long before any currently existing game in canon and could possibly allow the player to witness the creation of the Elder Scrolls themselves.TomsGuide’s informant also pointed at May as the possible announcement  date…which lays it smack dab in time for E3, QuakeCON and to help stave off the usual summer drought of gaming.

As I stated before, I have my doubts about this since Bethesda has been reported to have been working  on a Fallout MMO for quite a while and since multiple industry sources have already confirmed work on it. Why Bethesda would want to create two MMO’s and have them go to war with WoW, Rift, GW2 and the horde(no pun intended) of other massively multiplayer games that exist is outside the realm of my comprehension. None the less I wouldn’t be surprised if they did announce one or the other around the E3 timeframe.