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Bethesda Reveals “Dawnguard” Trailer

Simon Peter Curran 05/31/2012 Reviews

Thesimonpeter here, back with more Skyrim excitement! This time around I bring to you my reactions  to the reveal trailer for the first DLC for Skyrim, Dawnguard. Which, aside from being fantastic. It is loaded with info about what we can expect from the DLC, which has yet to have a release date attached to it.

Here is the trailer. Kick back, relax and put this bad boy into full screen and HD, you wont regret it!

After I stopped being such a gigantic fanboy and calmed down a bit, and after repeated viewings of the trailer, I have crafted a small analysis for the Skyrim: Dawnguard reveal trailer.

It is evident that this DLC will focus heavily on vampires, with the addition of new NPC’s, locations and even a player power similar to beast form in which you take the form of a giant winged vampire/demon hybrid. Not only does that look awesome but I imagine it will add a very interesting aspect to gameplay as your character will gain the ability to fly! How far we aren’t so sure yet, but stay glued to and we will post any updates or tidbits we can find.

The Vampire Lord NPC that narrates the trailer reveals his plans for domination of Skyrim, or even Tamriel as a whole. “The Elder Scrolls will be mine and the tyranny of the sun will end”. I think it’s safe to assume that he wants to use the power of the scrolls to blot out the sun in order for his kind to walk the surface at all times. So does this mean a trek across the region to find the remaining scrolls? I certainly hope so!

 Dawnguard has the potential to add a lot of game hours onto the already monumentally long Skyrim. Assuming we are carrying on in the same fashion as the main game there would be quests for both the Vampire faction and the Dawnguard, who appear to be a league of Vampire or Demon Hunters. The trailer also shows us very brief images of what is believed to be the Dawnguard.

Other features we may expect from Dawnguard include: stronghold, gigantic castle placed in one of the more leafier regions of Skyrim.

  • New Dragons/ Dragon Abilities – A Dragon is seen diving below the ice of a frozen lake
  • A new mount – We are shown images of a horse shrouded in blue flame
  • Mounted Combat – Also to come in Update Patch 1.6!
  • Bat Transformation – Vampires may able to transform into a swarm of bats
  • Crossbow – Need I say more?
  • A new plain of existence – Visit a dark other worldly plain. We have had Sovngarde, perhaps this is the void?
With E3 just around the corner, we may see a release date for Dawnguard in the near future.

What did you think of the trailer? Let me know via Twitter @thesimonpeter

Here are screenshots from the trailer that provide a greater insight into what we’re in store for.

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  1. Shaneyah 05/31/2012 at 7:00 pm

    EXCITEMENT. The idea of mounted combat alone is just… GUH SO EXCITED.

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