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Best Of 2010: Best Cover

Jordamus Prime 12/31/2010 Features
Best of 2010
Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on that it’s hard to actually keep up with it all! That’s why we’re here to present you with our Best of 2010 Awards! Our writers selected what they considered to be the best releases of 2010 as Nominees, and after weeks of careful consideration and deliberation we’ve brought you our choices for the best of everything to do with comics that’s happened in the past year!
Here we have the Nominees for Best Cover of 2010
Jordamus Prime Nominates- Daredevil #512
John Cassidy and Laura Martin’s artwork for the cover of Daredevil #512, the final issue of the series, is nothing short of phenomenal. The first time I saw the cover to this issue I was completely blown away as I saw the now iconic image of Daredevil’s various costumes seemingly filled with the ghosts of his past.
Daredevil #512

Daredevil #512

Colin Bell Nominates- Batman & Robin #13
Frank Quitely‘s cover to Batman & Robin #13 distilled the last fifty years of Bat-history into one glorious image  – the tilted camera angle of Batman’s 60s television series, a nod of the hat to the murder of Jason Todd in the 80s, the lurid neon colors of 90s movie Batman Forever, and to my mind the first time a Frank Quitely Joker has been published – in this case the bullet-scarred Thin White Duke of Death incarnation from cohort Grant Morrison’s recent Batman R.I.P.  Sublime.
Batman & Robin #13

Batman & Robin #13

Andy Kirby Nominates- Herioc Age: Villains
Heroic Age: Villains – Again, Jae Lee let’s us see the whimsical yet horrifying view of Marvel’s villains in a lifelike “how-would-they” if they were real.
Heroic Age: Villains

Heroic Age: Villains

Nicole Sixx Nominates- Gotham City Sirens #16
Gotham City Sirens Issue 16, by Guillem March for it’s brilliant use of Mirrors. I want a giant painting of it hanging on my wall.
Gotham City Sirens #16

Gotham City Sirens #16

Skott Of Fables Nominates- Fables #100
This one is nearly impossible for me because I’ve loved every cover for Fables this year. I guess I’d give the nod to Fables #100 though. Showing the face off between the books two main combatants and in the middle the logo with the number 100 under it. All the covers for this series are fantastic but this one it a milestone.
Fables #100

Fables #100

And the winner, for Best Cover of 2010 is…
Batman & Robin #13!
Batman & Robin #13: Winner, Best Cover of 2010

Batman & Robin #13: Winner, Best Cover of 2010

Congratulations to Frank Quietly and DC Comics for having put together our Best Cover of 2010! Quietly’s cover-art for the majority of the current Batman & Robin series has been nothing short of astounding, make sure to hit up your local comic shop to grab your copy of Batman & Robin #13 to add our Cover Of The Year to your collection!
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  1. Andy Kirby 01/01/2011 at 6:35 am

    Actually, I change my vote to Batman and Robin #13…how could I have not chosen this originally?

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