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Review: Bedlam #1

Comic Booked Guest Writer 12/19/2012 Reviews

Is Evil Just Something You Are Or Something You Do?

Bedlam #1

Story: Nick Spencer

Art: Riley Rossmo

Colour: Jean-Paul Csuka

Publisher: Image Comics

It boggles the mind, truly it does. Is it possible to see a beauty amongst such madness? Upon conclusion of this issue it wasn’t hard to understand why Bedlam was becoming popular with readers. This was something different, something darker than darkness itself. Something gritty and more gruesome than, The Story of The Mad Hatter, my first disturbed encounter in a comic.

Well, turns out Bedlam is a roundhouse kick to all of that. It’s far from wanting to look pretty, yet there is a prettiness in the style of it all.

Is the story itself an acquired taste? Could well be. You only need to turn a few pages to reveal the sheer pandemonium of blood lust, that is Madder Red. Strangely enough for a psychotic, there’s an intelligence to this character, a smart, disturbing, intelligence. Upon first inspection you’d notice the issue has a lot of pages. Nick Spencer’s story is told through a vast amount of dialogue, skim reading would be foolish, so you better get committed to doing some lengthy reading.

It’s fascinating that so many revel in something as warped as Bedlam but it isn’t hard to see why it’s gaining quite the popularity. It’s an intriguing piece of work. Nothing can be certain. It takes into perspective life through the eyes of Madder Red, the psycho murderer, and Fillmore Press, a “reformed” Madder Red, though it can be said you’d use the term “reformed” lightly. Could a man really be getting well again if he directs someone else’s gun to shoot him?

How do you fight homicidal crime? With a homicidal maniac!  



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