What could be better than watching 24 minutes of Alan Moore being interviewed on the BBC’s HARDTalk? Not much in my book. Topics covered include: Watchman, V For Vendetta, the co-opting of the the Guy Fawkes mask (the rights to which are owned by Time Warner) by the Occupy movement, sexual politics as they pertain Moore’s Lost Girls book, movie adaptations of comics, and the comic book industry.

"Official" Guy Fawkes MaskThe BBC interviewer, Tom Franks, tries to put Mr. Moore’s feet to the proverbial fire, but Alan is quick-witted and knows how to handle such situations. Regardless of your personal thoughts on Alan Moore, there is no denying that hearing him talk is always entertaining. Check it out and tell us what you think. Thank you so much to YouTube user “syden1” for posting this up, so that those of us outside the UK can enjoy the interview!