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Batman Fan Conquers All!

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Our first contest here at Comic Booked was a complete hit! I appreciate all the entries, but I have to say, it was almost no contest.

I received this wonderful email near the beginning of the contest, and knew that it was going to be tough to compare to what follows below. Enjoy!

Congrats Kyle Dodson, winner of $25 towards Comic Book goodness. Cheers!

“Comic Booked,

I am THE most devoted Batman fan! I am 20 years old (soon to be 21) and I still sleep on Batman sheets complete with a Batman comforter. My room at my house has Batman wallpaper, posters, and is lined with hundreds of action figures (most of which are, you guessed it, Batman). That is only the icing on the cake. Most of my wardrobe consists of Batman shirts. Two years ago I got a Batman tattoo on my upper right arm in order to always represent!
My own personal Batmobile, a black 2008 Pontiac G6, has Batman car mats, a sticker on the back window, and my personalized license plate: DARKNGT.
I have a drumset with the Bat-signal on the bass drum head.
My favorite movie is obviously The Dark Knight and whilst working at my local movie theatre I grabbed as much Dark Knight swag as I could. For the premiere, I spent months going to various Goodwill stores to put together a very respectable Joker costume and even made my girlfriend at the time dress up like Harley Quinn (I wonder why she dumped me)!
My email address, as you probably have noticed, is Batmaster1337 as is my twitter name and my Xbox Live name is D4rkB4t1337. In September, I purchased the Special Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum, complete with replica Batarang! My computer has a Jim Lee All Star Batman skin on it as well as a plethora of Batman wallpapers that randomly change (thank god for Windows 7). My Motorola Droid has a background of the Joker from The Batman series and my text alert is the Bat-Wave sound. In my phonebook, my house is saved under Batcave and my Voicemail is under Bat-Wave.
I hope this has illustrated just how crazy and obsessed with Batman I am! In case you have any doubts, I have attached several pictures for your viewing pleasure.”


–Kyle Dodson

[nggallery id=3]

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Also, a quick shout out from or newest Comic Booker, Kyle wanted to say thanks to his family for putting up with and supporting his habits and his Uncle Pat for introducing him to Batman comic books.

See folks…that’s what it’s all about. Family first, and of course a huge thanks to all the Uncle Pats out there, for me it was my Uncle Chris…There was a ROM comic in his room, and he let me in there to read it and get freaked out by his tarantula. Good times!

Who brought Comic Books into your life?

Thanks Kyle! ….And this just in from your favorite Bat Channel….Good ol’ Kyle is going to be bringing you all that is awesome and right in the Batman world…right here at Comic Booked! Batman fans, stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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