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Batman and Robin: Artist ROULETTE

Comic Booked 08/31/2010 Reviews
Batman & Robin
Grant Morrison has given us a Batman and Robin that has been a book that has consistently kept my attention. Aside from the changing artist I have not been disappointed and each issue has been better than the next with some awesome cliffhangers. There are many reasons to have rotating artist on certain books, whether its to keep the books coming out on time or to just keep the look and feel of the book interesting. So here is a look at the rotating artist, on the book that if you aren’t reading you should give a shot.
Frank Quitely (Issues 1-3)
Other work(WE3/New X-Men/All Star Superman)
Philip Tan(4-6)
 Other work(Ironman/Spawn/Uncanny X-Men)
Cameron Stewart(7-9)
Other work(Sin Titulo/The Other Side/HellBlazer)
Andy Clarke(10-12)
Other work(AQUAMAN/R.E.B.E.L.S/Batman Confidential) 
Frazer Irving(13-15)
 Other work(Inhumans: Silent War/Days Missing)
Cameron Stewart(16)
At this point Morrison will hand the reins over to Peter J Tomasi, although it will be interesting. Its going to be a shame to see Morrison exit.
Patrick Gleason(17- TBA)
With the always change Batman history, its been a long journey. We have seen some great art, amazing panels, and some less than perfect but still really impressive pages. And although it would be nice to have Quitely or Stewart sign on for more than 3 issues at a time, its understandable other commitments and the need to keep the Batman and Robin book changing and interesting. So stick it out for the long haul, because the Bat books have been a must read.

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