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Batgirl Gets a Guest Writer in Ray Fawkes

Jacob Thomas 12/10/2012 News, Reviews

Earlier this week, we reported that Batgirl writer Gail Simone has been relieved of her responsibilities in writing the ongoing series for DC Comics. The news came as a shock to many and there was a lot of support for Ms. Simone – from both fans and creators alike – as a result of her removal as writer. But the show must still go on.

Ray FawkesThere was a large amount of speculation as to who would replace her and, while we do not yet have a definitive answer, we know a short-term answer. DC announced, via their solicits of the Batman family, that writer Ray Fawkes will be performing a 2-issue guest writer position on Batgirl beginning with issue #18. (Based on the solicits available, Simone is still the writer on the book until the end of #17.)

Not familiar with Fawkes? He has been a nominee of the Eisner and Harvey awards, as well as a three-time Shuster Award nominee. He has also won a YALSA Award for his book Possessions Book One: Unclean Getaway.

For many, the news of Fawkes taking over as a guest writer spawned a flurry of questions among many fans, including whether or not he would continue on as the regular writer after his “guest” stint was completed. DC has not made any formal announcement on their site regarding the future of Batgirl, so it may be some time before we have a definitive answer.

For those who are worried about the future of Ms. Simone, though, don’t worry. Simone announced that she already had some pre-existing projects lined up that she was involved in (including a successful Kickstarter campaign), and after the news broke both fans and comic creators took to the social media space to provide their 2 cents, many of which were supportive of Ms. Simone. She has mentioned on both her Twitter and Tumblr pages that she appreciates all of the support from everyone and that she has been approached by other creators as well as publishers (including Dark Horse Comics) about future collaborative projects.

What do you think? Is this a test run to see if Fawkes will be the regular writer on Batgirl or do you think that DC Comics has something else in mind? Chime in with your 2 cents in our comments field below!


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  1. jacobdthomas2011 12/11/2012 at 12:16 am

    Perhaps Ray Fawkes will bring something new to the table as a guest writer. Only time will tell.

  2. jeffhillwriter 12/11/2012 at 12:45 am

    As long as he keeps the story going, I'm down. I'm still anxious to see who the "full time" replacement is going to be. And hopefully it's not someone who sucks. That would be sad.

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