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Back from Celebration V, and I even DREAM in geek.

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Okay, an epic time was had by all.  Orlando was hot and humid and (this can not possibly be given enough emphasis) it was too hot for most of the Arizona costumers to want to gear up. 

That’s bad.

So before I commence with the descriptions, I have to pass this along to fellow Comic Bookers . . . I dreamed last night that I was running around with James Bond, as I was presumably a Bond girl of some sort, and we got sucked into this huge “we have to save the world” thing with members of the Avengers *and* members of the Justice League, with some Star Wars vehicles thrown in for flavor. 

It was the most colossal crossover of all time.  And yeah, I dream in geek. 

So we’ve all heard now the big news . . . Star Wars on Blu-Ray, with the original opening scene from Jedi reinserted.  You can find it on YouTube if you’re interested.  Long story short, we get to watch Luke take his big step into Jedi pants by constructing his own lightsaber, and Vader reaches out in the Force to check in, inquire after his health, whatever. 

Commence the Internet debate.  Some people are thrilled and will immediately be putting their deposit down at Best Buy for the collection of all six movies in one, “…on Blu-Ray, you guys!”  Then there’s the camp of someone who heard from someone who heard from someone that Mark Hamill doesn’t recall ever filming such a scene, and it’s all a huge conspiracy by Lucasfilm (complete with fake aging of footage, etc.) to pull a fast one on fans.

Ultimately, my darlings, none of it matters.  Having that scene inserted will have a COOL factor that will work, and people will enjoy it.  The purists will be angry that the version they saw with Mom and Dad in 1983 will be altered AGAIN.  (Hayden Christiansen substituted in for Sebastian Shaw in the final scene still has people worked up, lo these many years later.)  And that’s okay.  Casual fans, which comprise the vast majority of the populace, will get a little thrill that something in a treasured old friend will be new.

Uncle George knows how to separate us from our money.  He always has, and always will, and we may grimace while we do it, but we do it.  My 7-year-old spent $140 in unearthed gift cards on Star Wars stuff yesterday, and was in absolute rapture.  (If you have 60 smacks, by the way, the remote controlled Hailfire Droid is insane.  You can shoot the missles off of the body with the remote as well.  My beagle is in real trouble.)  The toys continue to be fascinating, and the kids continue to want to play with them.  The Clone Wars animated t.v. show continues seasonally, and the kids tune in with Dad (and sometimes Mom) to watch these tales of good and bad, and war and heroes, wrapped up in a package that evokes oldtime WWII propaganda.

You might as well just go with it.  Lucasfilm is full of hundreds of extremely bright minds.  You can stay bitter and insistent and scream “RETCON!” all you want, or you can sit back and let them entertain you.

It’s up to you.

New comic line coming out under Dark Horse.  I got Issue #0, will be reviewing presently.  I also have to give some deeper thought to Siege, and Prelude to such.  I’m sure the overall structure makes sense to someone out there, but all I keep getting is, “How, in any universe or version of reality, could this seem like a good idea?”

Until next we meet.

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