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Avengers Vs. X-Men: My Prediction

Rob The Wrecker 04/17/2012 Features, Reviews

Avengers and X-men, when examining a conflict between two such diverse and powerful groups there are a lot of things you have to consider. The power sets of each group, the commitment of the various members of the groups, the size of the groups, and the overarching motives behind their actions are all very strong indicators of which way this battle will go. With each group having such strong motivation, huge amounts of experience and versatile and powerful power sets it is very difficult to determine which group will emerge victorious in this conflict. I will attempt to examine the various factors in such a conflict and give my predictions on the outcome of the event.

The Avengers
Power Sets- The Avengers are known as ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ for a reason. They represent the most powerful and experienced heroes. Firstly we have Captain America, The peak of human ability and decades of training to back it up. From super villains to the battlefield, there is no combat situation Cap hasn’t won. Next, the Red Hulk. He’s a Hulk, enough said. Doctor Strange, former sorcerer supreme. The Thing, super strength and a body of solid rock, after Cap hes one of the oldest heroes around. Ant Man, Scientist Supreme and the power to grow or shrink at will. Luke Cage, The Power Man, unbreakable skin and super strength. Spider-Man, Wall crawler, super strength, lightning reflexes, webs. Daredevil, Human radar and sick ninja skills. Iron Man, futurist with the technology to prove it. Black Widow, super spy that rivals Nick Fury. Mockingbird, recipient of a derivative of the super solider formula that created Cap and the infinity formula that keeps Nick Fury going. Thor, God of Thunder. The Protector, Kree Warrior. Hawkeye, the worlds greatest marksman. Captain Britain, Protector of infinite realities. Iron Fist. Moon Knight. Another Ant Man. And another. Valkerie. Jewel. The Vision. The list seems endless.

The Avengers

Size- When it comes to numbers the Avengers clearly have the advantage. In addition to the list above there are literally hundreds of other heroes who call themselves Avengers. Everyone from heavy weights such as Wonderman (though due to his current stance on the Avengers I doubt he will appear) to minor characters such as Rage or Quake.

Commitment- Each hero in the Avengers would gladly, as many already have, lay down their lives for the cause, or more importantly in this situation, for Cap. The commitment to the Avengers cause is unshakeable, however I’m not sure many off the are supportive of the idea of imprisoning Hope because of what might happen which brings us to…

Motive- The motive of the Avengers in this case is the same as it usually is, save the world. The problem with this particular situation is the lack of solid evidence that the world is going to end. The Avengers are reacting out of fear. Granted the fear is a logical fear and comes with good reason after the last time the Phoenix Force was on earth, but ultimately, unless there is immediate danger I would question at least a few of the Avengers resolve to imprison Hope for something that has yet to happen.

The X-Men

Power set- Cyclops team of X-men is with out a doubt one of the most powerful teams ever to unite under the banner. Magneto the master of magnetism, Emma Frost former white queen and one of the most powerful psychics since Jean Gray. Magik, mutant, demon and sorceress. Colossus, the metal man with the power of Cyttorak. Danger, The sentient room that has trained the X-men into the elite team of fighters they are today, made of advanced Shi’ar technology. Namor, King of Atlantis, one of the only super humans with as much experience as Captain America. Hope, savior of mutant kind.

Size- The recent split the x-men suffered as a result or Schism has clearly left the size advantage on the side of the avengers. While there are still other mutants loyal to Cyclops many of the most experienced and powerful no longer align themselves with him. The New Mutants may play a role in A.V.X. on Cyclop’s side, as the lights likely will also but even with the combine forces of all those that still leaves The X-men numbers at under 20.

Commitment- Commitment in the X-Men is a far harder thing to deduce. While the Avengers are a team because of a united cause, the X-men came together because of similar horrible circumstances. Namor always challenges Cyclops leadership. The Lights are young and not yet indoctrinated into the cause. However, many of these mutants see Hope as their messiah and will lay down their lives for her. I doubt we will see many deserters on the X-men side of this conflict.

Motive- The X-Men see this battle as a battle for survival. The same battle they have been fighting since the Decimation.They see protecting Hope as the only way to ensure the future of the mutant race. Survival is the ultimate motive and every last mutant on Utopia will do everything in their ability to ensure it.

The Wild Cards-

You may have noticed there were several prominent Mutants I didn’t mention under Avengers or X-Men, mainly Wolverine, Beast and Storm. These three incredibly experienced and powerful Mutants have allegiances to both sides of this conflict and where they decide to fall on this issue could immensely effect the outcome of it.

BeastBeast- Beast was the first x-man to leave Utopia. He very plainly disagrees with everything Scott has done for years and I can’t imagine this situation will be much different. However, the history he has with the X-men and the survival of his race may cause him to side with the X-men so its not an entirely open and shut case. His power set is of little use to the Avengers in this situation because they simply have so many power houses already, the X-Men on the other hand could use the help in the fight. The way Beast would be useful to the Avengers would be as a tactician. Beast trained with Cyclops and the others for decades and knows their strategies and weaknesses. He could be valuable to either side.

Storm- Storm is the only Mutant currently aligned with both Cyclops team and the Avengers. Her omega Stormlevel power set makes her a valuable weapon on either side of the conflict. While her allegiance to the X-men goes back decade we must remember two things. The first is that her husband was seen acting as a member of the Avengers during AvX #1. The second is the reason she is still aligned with Cyclops in the first place, he begged her to stay to be his conscious at the end of Schism. Given these two facts it is very possible she will end up on the Avengers side of this conflict.

Wolverine- We all know the situation between Cyclops and Wolverine these days. The problem is, this battle isn’t about them, its about Hope. Hope, the savior of mutant kind. Hope whom Wolverines best friend gave his life to save. Hope the future recipient of the Phoenix Force, a title Wolverine is all too familiar with. While Wolverine is shown in AvX #1 as arriving with the Avengers, he is on the cover of AvX #3 as trading blows with Cap. Granted we all know covers don’t necessarily indicate what happens inside, I’m not so sure this one is off. Either way, Wolverine has more experience in battle then anyone else involved. His power set is really only countered by Magneto and his ferociousness makes him a problem for anyone who finds them-self standing against him.

My Prediction. My prediction on the outcome of A.v.X. isn’t as simple as ‘this side will win’. I think there is still one major factor that needs to be seen to make an accurate prediction. That factor is Wolverine. If Wolverine sides with the Avengers during this conflict then, game over, the Avengers will win. They have too many power house heroes and will simply over run the mutants. However, if Wolverine finds himself aligned with Scott, if only for this one battle, I think the X-men can be victorious. Their motives are so firmly ingrained at this point, save Hope. Its been their lives for so long, they aren’t going to give up easily. Hope will posses the Phoenix Force before the end of the series. With the Powerhouse team the X-men have assembled, the aid of Wolverine and the arrival of the Phoenix Force, I doubt very much they will lose under those conditions.

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