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Will C. Franklin


Amala’s Blade Comes to Dark Horse Presents in February

Just in time for my birthday, Dark Horse is bringing Amala's Blade to the pages of Dark Horse Presents on Feb. 22. The three-part series, ...
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Rabbit Ronin Yojimbo Celebrates 200th Issue

If you don't know Usagi Yojimbo, the tough rabbit swordsman created by Stan Sakai, I'll give you a minute to crawl out from under your rock. No, go ...
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Graham to Debut in Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Comics announced Thursday that Brandon Graham, the guy behind King City, Multiple Warheads and Prophet, will grace the pages of Dark ...
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Twiter Post

Verified and fake: Twitter and Kevin Conroy

Sometimes, if you want something bad enough, you’re willing to believe just about anything. Awhile back, the name @TheKevinConroy popped up on ...
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Avengers Assemble – Online at NYCC

As Marvel prepares to bombard New York City for this year's C0mic Con, fans who are unable to attend can still get in on the action! Fans can ...
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Review of Deadhorse: The Sandwich Eaters

It’s not often I’ll read the start of a graphic novel and think to myself, “Huh.” Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Eric Grissom and ...
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Review of Neil Gibson’s “Twisted Dark Vol. 1″

Neil Gibson is not Mel Gibson, just so you know. Gibson, the author of his self-published graphic novel Twisted Dark Vol. 1, lets the reader ...
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