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Wonder Woman #19 Review

Wonder Woman continues to show why it is one of the best comics that DC is pumping out right now. The character of Diana is continually evolving ...
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Wonder Woman #18 Review

Wonder Woman is a strange book in the sense that I never know when an arc has wrapped up. Maybe I'm just stupid. Regardless, the quest to find ...
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Justice League of America #2 Review

After last month's stellar issue, Justice League of America jumped to the top of my pull list and became a book I got excited over. After reading ...
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Green Arrow #18 Review

Green Arrow is back with another incredible issue by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. I was afraid that the duo wouldn't be able to keep the ...
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Why I Care About Death In Comics

The following article is based on the opinions held by its writer, Victor Correa. The opinions are not necessarily reflected by, ...
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Wonder Woman #17 Review

The issue opens up with a very funny scene where Wonder Woman is rehearsing how she's going to tell Zola her son may end up destroying all of life. ...
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Justice League of America #1 Review

Going into this issue I was extremely excited. I've been ready for this ever since last year's free comic book day Justice League issue and we ...
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5 Awesome Things Geoff Johns Gave us in Green Lantern

For nine very long years Geoff Johns penned the scripts for the Green Lantern series. And for nine very long years Geoff Johns delivered a ...
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green arrow #17

Green Arrow #17 Review

Green Arrow is a character I've always been interested in but haven't always found that interesting. Other than the show Arrow, the last time I ...
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Wonder Woman #16 Review

...I am never going to get this fight, am I? If you read my review of issue #15, then you are aware of how excited I was to see Wonder Woman go ...
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