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David Vandervliet


The New 52 Review – O.M.A.C.

Some of the DC's New 52 series are fresh starts for their most popular characters, streamlining more than seventy years of continuity, while ...
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The New 52 Review – Batwing

DC's New 52 continues to break new ground in the search for new audiences, even in the highly popular Batman line of comics.  So it was no ...
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Men of War #1

The New DC 52 Review – Men of War

DC's relaunch of their main line of comics, the "New 52" as it's been dubbed, has more for readers than just the traditional DC superheroes ...
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Wall of DC

DC rings in the New 52 at Midnight in Times Square

Flashpoint #5  is now out, and so is Justice League #1. To celebrate, DC took over Midtown Comics' west side location where lucky fans were ...
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5 Things I am Looking Forward to in the DC Relaunch (and a Few Things I’m Not)

So if you didn't know, this week saw  the last day of the DC Comics line as it's pretty much existed since 1986 (or 1994, or 2005, depending on ...
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Talking Flashpoint – One Last Time

FLASHPOINT #5 (w) Geoff Johns (a) Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang After a long summer, DC's Flashpoint series came to its ...
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Talking Flashpoint – Part 12 – The End is Nigh

That's right, by this time next week, Flashpoint will have concluded and we will all be discovering the continuity of the New 52. Are you prepare...
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The JSA Returns, Brings the Rest of Earth 2 With Them

DC announced today at the FanExpo Canada Convention in Toronto that the original superhero team, the Justice Society of America, will be returning ...
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Brian Wood returns to Marvel 2012

Brian Wood Returns to Marvel

  Marvel released a teaser image today at the FanExpo Canada Convention in Toronto announcing Brian Wood's return to the company sometime ...
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The 2011 Harvey Awards Winners

The 2011 Harvey Awards were presented August 20, 2011 in Baltimore, MD, in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con. Named in honor of the late ...
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