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Maurice Sendak Dies

(Header image by Chris Eliopoulos.) Maurice Sendak, the celebrated children’s book cartoonist, is dead at 83. Yet it feels like he left us at a much younger age. The last few years have seen something of a renaissance for his [...]

May 8, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

The Top 10 News Stories That Are NOT FCBD or Avengers

In case you hadn’t heard, the Avengers scored the second-best haul on opening day ever, is really popular with seemingly everyone except A.O. Scott, and led directly into Free Comic Book Day, where some comics were free. Forgive me, but [...]

May 6, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

The Genre That Time Forgot?

Somewhat neglected among the mountains and mountains of Avengers hype and Free Comic Book Day excitement, DC released six new titles this week. One of them, G.I. Combat, is remarkable as a representative of a rare genre, one worthy of [...]

May 5, 2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE
Grant Morrison is watching you.

MorrisonCon: A Morrison Con?

MorrisonCon, the most ambitious comics convention to be headlined and co-organized by a single comics creator, “aims to change the way comics conventions are experienced.” For one thing, you’ve probably never experienced a con with a price tag ranging from [...]

May 2, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Diamond Comics Distributors: An Incredible Journey (Part 2)

Previously on Comic Booked: The nefarious USPS had reduced 201 of our precious Guilded Age Volume Ones to mere concepts before they reached the warehouse of Diamond Comics Distributors. So, I prepared to replace them by car. The trek from [...]

April 30, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Yesterweek’s News: Special Extra-Late Edition

I know. I know. Due to events detailed elsewhere, I found myself utterly exhausted on Sunday, unable to focus on much of anything. And since I’m always over committed anyway, that meant Monday was a mad scramble to catch up, [...]

April 10, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Diamond Comics Distributors: An Incredible Journey (Part 1)

I know this is categorized in the “humor” section. But dear reader, please take note: Everything in this story is absolutely true, with no exaggeration or hyperbole. I’m typing this in a food court overlooking a highway I’ve never traveled [...]

April 7, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Sylvia: The Passing Of An Unremarkable Icon

Last week, as part of a jokey news roundup for April Fool’s, I picked on Sylvia, the latest comic strip to jump out of newspapers. It’s true that this is a story, but I find my internal critic riling up [...]

April 7, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

The 50 Best Comics News Headlines

50. Alan Moore Pre-Emptively Creates “Before ‘Before “Watchmen”‘” “The difference is that I’m stealing it,” legendary creator explains 49. Local Comic Book Artist Is Local They walk among us, almost like normal humans 48. Seinfeld To Continue As Comic Book [...]

April 1, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Quick and Dirty News Update

I’ve been away from the comics Internet for two weeks. What did I miss? Superman gets the ever-loving S-word kicked out of him in the new trailer for Superman vs. The Elite, one of the few adaptations of a DC [...]

March 26, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Moebius Dies, Ultimate Nic Cage Comic-Book Movie, More

Once again, we count down the top ten stories of the week, in reverse order of importance, as we see it. We begin with a fairly minor market story, but a great excuse to use that picture of Green Lantern [...]

March 11, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Bad Times for the Meth-To-Comics Trade (Week In Review)

For the next little while, I won’t get to cover the news on this site as much as I’d like (I’m still recovering from a minor flu bug, and catching up with work in other areas). So let’s have some [...]

March 4, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Remembering Richard Alf, Father of Comic-Con (News)

San Diego has always been something of a mecca for creative types, but oh, to have been there in the 1960s! That was when Richard Alf, the 6’6″ teenage firecracker salesman, was building his business ventures. Alf died January 4 [...]

February 28, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Hercules You’ve Never Heard Of Gets A Movie (News)

The next Hercules of film is not the Disney Hercules, nor the Marvel Hercules, nor any of the various DC Comics Herculeses, nor the actual Hercules taken straight from myth. There’ve also been Herculeses from Topps, Dell, Charlton, Quality, and [...]

February 28, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Calvin & Hobbes Art Sells For $107,550 (News)

Happy, happy birthdays to Comic Booked founder Will Sokolowski and regular contributor Kyle Black! We know just what to get them both, if anybody has a spare $215,100 lying around. Anyone? No? If the Heritage Auctions staffers were not comics [...]

February 27, 2012 News

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