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Maurice Sendak Dies

(Header image by Chris Eliopoulos.) Maurice Sendak, the celebrated children's book cartoonist, is dead at 83. Yet it feels like he left us at a ...
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The Top 10 News Stories That Are NOT FCBD or Avengers

In case you hadn't heard, the Avengers scored the second-best haul on opening day ever, is really popular with seemingly everyone except A.O. ...
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The Genre That Time Forgot?

Somewhat neglected among the mountains and mountains of Avengers hype and Free Comic Book Day excitement, DC released six new titles this week. One ...
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Grant Morrison is watching you.

MorrisonCon: A Morrison Con?

MorrisonCon, the most ambitious comics convention to be headlined and co-organized by a single comics creator, "aims to change the way comics ...
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Diamond Comics Distributors: An Incredible Journey (Part 2)

Previously on Comic Booked: The nefarious USPS had reduced 201 of our precious Guilded Age Volume Ones to mere concepts before they reached the ...
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Yesterweek’s News: Special Extra-Late Edition

I know. I know. Due to events detailed elsewhere, I found myself utterly exhausted on Sunday, unable to focus on much of anything. And since I'm ...
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Diamond Comics Distributors: An Incredible Journey (Part 1)

I know this is categorized in the "humor" section. But dear reader, please take note: Everything in this story is absolutely true, with no exagge...
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Sylvia: The Passing Of An Unremarkable Icon

Last week, as part of a jokey news roundup for April Fool's, I picked on Sylvia, the latest comic strip to jump out of newspapers. It's true that ...
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The 50 Best Comics News Headlines

50. Alan Moore Pre-Emptively Creates "Before 'Before "Watchmen"'" "The difference is that I'm stealing it," legendary creator explains 49. ...
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Quick and Dirty News Update

I've been away from the comics Internet for two weeks. What did I miss? Superman gets the ever-loving S-word kicked out of him in the new ...
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