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It Came From The Longbox #15: The Thanos Quest

Thanos. One of Marvel's most iconic characters. He worships both death and deals it out very well. His story is unique in that he is generally a ...
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All-New Teasers NOW! Complete

UPDATED: Seems as though Marvel wasn't done with their teasers. They added another after this column was posted and I accidentally overloooked ...
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Bullet Reviews #127

Well, we had a few technical issues but Bullet Reviews #127 is live (better late than never, right?). It's a pretty light week but we have a few ...
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Bullet Reviews

Bullet Reviews #126

Thank you for joining us for Bullet Reviews #126! First up this week are a few of DC's Forever Evil books then we have Bullets for DC Universe Vs. ...
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Bullet Reviews

Bullet Reviews #125

Bullet Reviews! This week we take a look at a lot of different books including Dark Shadows: Year One #5, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe ...
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Bullet Reviews #124

Welcome back to another fine installment of Bullet Reviews! This week we begin to wrap up Summer 2013 with Captain America #10, Fables #132, FF ...
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Bullet Reviews #123

Here we are again! Bullet Reviews! We start with the first of the Infinity crossover books Avengers #18 then we move on to Dark Shadows #19, ...
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Superior Spider-Man #16

Review: Superior Spider-Man #16

You know, ever since this new Hobgoblin showed up way back in Amazing Spider-Man #649 (Jan 2011) I've been waiting for the day Spidey took him ...
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Bullet Reviews 122

Bullet Reviews #122

It's Tuesday and that means it time for Bullet Reviews! So, in case you missed it, Marvel's next big event of the year (seems like we get more ...
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Bullet Reviews 121

Bullet Reviews #121

Just a few more weeks of summer to go but we have endless Bullet Reviews to share! This week: Avengers #17, Fairest #18, Guardians Of The Galaxy ...
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