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Review: All-New X-Men #2

When I first decided to pick up All-New X-Men I didn’t really have a clue on what I was getting myself into. I had picked up a copy of Marvel NOW! Point One and had a look through. In that [...]

November 29, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Batman 171

Silver Age Stories: Batman #171

Silver Age Stories is a brand new feature brought to you by the kind folk in the Marvel and DC comics divisions at Comic Booked. We bring you weekly re-caps and reviews of the most famous Comic Books and story [...]

November 19, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

UK Cosplay Showcase

Cosplay is a tradition that dates back to the early years of conventions, from Comic Books to Star Wars and Star Trek. Fans from all over the world don the garb of their favourite characters, meet up, exchange tips and [...]

November 5, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
DC Super Vaillains

DC Comics’ Super Villains Take Over Hallowe’en 2012

Hallowe’en, to me, is better than Christmas and birthdays combined! So imagine my excitement when my favourite comic book publisher put out a press release announcing their plans for my favourite holiday. If you said “really excited” you’ll only be half [...]

October 1, 2012 News
Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison Introduces us to Multiversity

One of the most widely talked about and anticipated projects in recent comic book history is DC Comics‘ Multiversity by Grant Morrison. The Scottish creator’s project has been dubbed “his Lord of the Rings”, and is shaping up to be [...]

October 1, 2012 News

Rob Liefeld Calls it Quits with DC Comics

Rob Liefeld, the current writer and artist on DC book Deathstroke announced via his twitter account earlier today that he would be parting ways with the publisher after September’s #0 issue. This may not come as a shock for most [...]

August 22, 2012 Features
Review: Kinect Integration for Skyrim

Review: Kinect Integration for Skyrim

Let’s face it, ever since we bought our copies of Skyrim we have been running round pretending we are Dragonborn and trying to “Fus Ro Dah!” everything, right? No? Well perhaps that was just me. So how lucky was I [...]

May 3, 2012 Games and Gaming

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