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Skyrim: Dawnguard, Yes or No?

Un-spoilery! The only bit that could be has been tagged as such, so if you're a PC/PS3 player you can read on without worry! After hours of ...
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I couldn't find anything that wasn't the TV show, so... here, have a UFO.

Webcomics Wednesday – Supernatural

Things that go bump in the night, bang in the wardrobe and mixed-up mythologies! This week's webcomics have gods, ghosts and superheroes, so if you ...
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Recap: Fanboys vs. Zombies #1-3

Fanboys vs. Zombies is a tongue-in-cheek indie comic based on the giant 'what if' premise: "What if there was a zombie outbreak at San Diego ...
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Cover image

Review: Planetoid #1

I played Mass Effect just recently, so when I saw the cover of Planetoid my interest was immediately captured. The future-grunge, lone soldier with ...
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Google images, you amuse me.

Webcomic Wednesdays – Completed

If you don't have the time - or the attention span - for an ongoing series, never fear! This week's collection are webcomics whose stories have ...
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This is one of the first things that shows up when you Google image search "tie-in".

The Fine Art of Tie-Ins

Tie-in comics are aimed at both established and potential fans. They can act as publicity, so to speak, by crossing mediums to expose the brand (or ...
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Pretty spacey thingy!

Webcomics Wednesdays – Space!

Space, the 'final frontier'. Or as I like to say, spaceships and aliens and lasers, oh my! This weeks' comics are full of delicate inter-species ...
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Review: Hardcore #1

The latest offering from Top Cow Productions is a technological spy thriller-y type deal. It’s from writer Robert Kirkman (The Astounding ...
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Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen?! Besides Avengers, I mean.

Webcomics Wednesday – Slice of Life

This weeks' Wednesday webcomics are of the kind that we read when we want something a little less mind-bendy, and a little more close to home. Not ...
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Baseball? This should be good!

Review: Chew Volume 5

Chew is the wacky brain child of John Layman and Rob Guillory, and if you haven’t read it yet, there’s a fair chance you’ve been living under ...
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