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Ryan Legenzoff

figment one preview

Figment #1 – First Look Announcement

Marvel and Disney Kingdoms celebrate the return of Dreamfinder with their upcoming five part miniseries! Here's a quick bite of info on Figment #1!
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Rocket Raccoon

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Rocket Raccoon #1

Rocket Raccoon's first solo comic in decades hitting stores this July! Check out our preview of awesome cover art and several pieces of the action.
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Burn the Orphanage: Born to Lose #3 (of 3) – Spoiler Review and Wrap-up

Burn the Orphanage: Born to Lose #3 (of 3) - find this spoiler filled review and mini series wrap up right here on Comic Booked!
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the fuse

The Fuse #1: The Russian Shift Part 1 – Spoiler Review

Check out this review of The Fuse #1. Ristovych and Dietrich: They're cops... in space. Learn more about it on Comic Booked!
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