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Uncanny X-Men #8 Cover

Review: Uncanny X-Men #8

Wasn't Danger supposed to be on the Extinction Team?  When was the last time you even saw her, I am pretty sure it was in the All-New X-Men covers ...
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Wolverine:Japan's Most Wanted

First Look:Wolverine:Japan’s Most Wanted

Another Wolverine story!  Just what the world needs!  Forget every other Marvel character, we need to add more Wolverine stories asap!  Obviou...
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Iron Man:Fatal Frontier

First Look:Iron Man Fatal Frontier

Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom?  Even though Doom would wipe the floor with Tony Stark in a one on one battle I still think this could be worth the ...
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What If Avengers vs. X-Men Cover

Review: What If? Avengers vs. X-Men #1

Why didn't Jimmy Palmiotti write the "actual" Avengers vs. X-Men?  Only one issue deep and we have  a death take place!?  I love it!  This is ...
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New Avengers #8

First Look: New Avengers #8

With every Marvel Now! title comes a little shake up to the roster.  Enter: New Avengers, a look into what the Illuminati deals with from time to ...
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Uncanny X-Men #7 Cover

Uncanny X-Men #7

The Cyclops X-Men team should be one of, if not THE most entertaining X-Men book on the shelves.  Rabid fans who usually go crazy over seeing a ...
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All-New X-Men #13 Cover

All-New X-Men #13

Jean Grey has died so many times it has gotten almost hilarious, an inside joke to hardcore X-Men fans, so how in the world has Brian Michael ...
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Uncanny Avengers #9

Uncanny Avengers #9

The only title to have the gumption to show how little the X-Men and Avengers really trust one another brings another issue of mistrust, deceit, ...
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Age of Ultron #10A.I. Cover

First Look:Age of Ultron #10

Well spoiler alert, looks like Hank Pym won't stay dead (big surprise).  Apparently the grim future will not be the continued presence of Marvel ...
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Avengers #14 Cover

First Look: Avengers #14

Jonathan Hickman's first Avengers story arc is wrapping up, as Gumby's former enemy The Blockheads start popping up making more trouble for Earth's ...
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