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Nick Furious

Nick Fury

Who Will Shape The Future of Marvel Now!?

Marvel continues the to tease their "not-a-reboot" reboot, Marvel Now. Their newest image showcases what seems to be Marcus Johnson a.k.a Nick Fury ...
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Future of Marvel Comics is Marvel Now!

For months, Marvel Comics has been adamant that they are NOT rebooting.  Although the rumors are that Marvel is going to be rebooting in their own ...
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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #6

Last time we met, The Phoenix Force was shot by Tony Stark's Transformer Phoenix Killer. But the Phoenix was fractured, choosing five X-Men, ...
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Crimson Vision Studios

Comic Booked Video: I AM SUPERMAN

Ladies and gentlemen! May we proudly present the first of many Crimson Vision Studio humor pieces.  Comic Booked and its sister site Crimson ...
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Wolverine and the X-Men 13 Cover

First Look: Wolverine and The X-Men #13

About time the Shiar decided to show their Intergalactic faces! Where the hell have they been the whole time Avengers and X-Men have been doing ...
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First Look: New Avengers #28

Apparently there are going to be some crazy events happening in the next few issues as it would appear a few members of the Avengers are captured ...
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Cover for Featured Image for Avx

Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #5

At the end of the last issue, these two superhero teams had just arrived on the moon to meet up with Wolverine and Hope, each with their own ...
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First Look: Defenders #8

Anytime Marvel really wants something to start selling they just throw Matt Fraction on it.  You think I'm kidding but if you look at the time ...
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First Look: Avengers vs. X-Men #6 (Major Spoilers)

Thanks to USA Today this is all pretty old news but if you avoided spoilers and have actually read Avengers vs. X-Men #5 you already know what to ...
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Avengers vs. X-Men #5 on Sale Now!

Avengers vs. X-Men has been such a mixed bag of reviews.   This issue is really gonna have to bring the heat as issue four was the definition of a ...
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