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Turner Newell

Original Sin
4 Score

Review: Uncanny X-Men #23

    Professor Xavier died at the end of Avengers VS X-Men. Now, almost two years later, "The Last Will and Testament of Charles ...
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She-Hulk #6
3.5 Score

Review: She-Hulk #6 (Spoilers)

    Since this is part two of a story and I didn't review part one, I'm going to discuss the events of part one a little, and give ...
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The Crayfish #1
2.5 Score

Small Press Review: The Crayfish #1

    The Crayfish #1 is an indie comic from Australia. It tells the story of Norman Williams, a veteran of WWII, now a farmer ...
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5.0 Score

Review: RiffTrax Live! Sharknado

The Syfy channel is known for making bad movies, and one in particular has become infamous as one of the worst of the worst: Sharknado. It also ...
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Rocket Raccoon #1
4.5 Score

Review: Rocket Raccoon #1

    Rocket Raccoon #1 is the debut issue of the character's first solo ongoing series. Part 1 of "A Chasing Tale" begins three ...
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Moon Knight #5
4.5 Score

Review: Moon Knight #5

The premise of Moon Knight #5 is set up in the first two pages, in dialogue between Moon Knight and a nameless thug. A traveler-by-night has ...
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Drinking Quest #1

On A Quest, Part III: The Drinking Quest Comic Review

By now you've read my interview with Drinking Quest creator, Jason Anarchy, and you've read my review of the game itself. We're on Comic Booked ...
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Drinking Quest Trilogy

On a Quest, Part II: The Drinking Quest Game Review

You’re a gamer, right? At least, you like to roll dice for a random chance to see if you succeeded at something in a made up situation in a ...
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Drinking Quest

On A Quest, Part I: The Drinking Quest Creator Interview

It's Saturday night and you're sitting around drinking with friends. You're having "fun" but you're not truly enjoying yourselves. It's not ...
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Sex Criminals 6 Cover

Review: Sex Criminals #6

After a short hiatus, Sex Criminals is back… and thank goodness! This is easily one of the best books on the stands (or behind the counter, ...
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