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Scott Harrigan

Zoo Act
3.5 Score

Small Press Review: The Zoo Act

In a comic book market that is extremely saturated with super heroes and their various re-imaginings and deconstructions, it can be very easy to ...
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Nathan Fillion to play Cosmo in Guardians of the Galaxy

Fillion will be making his cameo as Cosmo the Space Dog
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The Top 5 Character Moments in New Teen Titans

The Teen Titans had existed since the 1960s, debuting in a fight with a silly throw away villain "Mister Twister," but they had been stagnantly ...
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A League of His Own: The New Teen Titans and Dick Grayson

With the impending end of Scott Lobdell's run on the New 52's "Teen Titans," DC has planned yet another relaunch. To be blunt, Lobdell's  run was ...
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Reluctant Evil: The Anti-Villain in Comics

A meditation on the reluctant evil done by those who have been forced into the role of villain. Who is your favorite anti-villain? Comic Booked discussion!
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Superman #3 Cover

The Adventures of Superman #3

The Adventures of Superman #3 brings both good news and bad news to fans of the man of steel. The bad news is that this particular issues does not ...
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superman 3

Review: The Adventures of Superman #2

Summer is indeed being kind to the Man of Steel. As his film continues to make millions, The Adventures of Superman #2 hit the comic shelves on ...
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The cover of The Adventures of Superman # 1

The Adventures of Superman #1

It is going to be a great summer for fans of the boy in blue. With Man of Steel getting good reviews, things are certainly looking up for Superman ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 is an excellent start to what can be an amazing series. Brian Michael Bendis, widely known for his runs of New ...
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Daredevil Superhero Creation

Who is worthy of the mask? Effective Superhero Creation

Superhero creation can be a tricky business. Superheroes as we have come to know them have existed since 1938, when Superman was created; that is ...
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