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Krysta Jo

My Little Pony Issue 1

Review: My Little Pony #1

Everyone had a special toy that defined their childhood. For me, it was anything horse-related. So when Hasbro Studios introduced the My Little ...
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Superman Earth One Volume 2

Superman Earth One, Volume 2

When you hear of J. Michael Straczynski and comics in the same breath, you tend to think "Amazing!" JMS appears to have done it again with this ...
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Volume 1 cover

Superman Earth One, Volume 1

Superman. Alter Ego: Clark Kent. Comic nerds know him as "the lost son of Krypton", as one-third that makes up "The Big Three" (Wonder Woman and ...
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DC New 52 Bat Family

A DC Comic Newbie’s Journey

Hey there! I'm Krysta Jo, a new writer for the awesome site you're currently browsing. Since you've clicked on this link, I'm assuming you are a ...
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