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Ken Pisani

You don't know Jack

Ax-Grinding: The Unoriginal Sequel

ans and critics alike of my recent shorts-bunching gripey post about the recycling of fairy tale tropes and other unoriginal film archetypes ...
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This time, it's personal, rhymes-with-witches!

Old Is The New New

Don’t hate on me, Internet, because the stuff I’m about to trash includes some of my favorite things! Consider this a healthy dose of “tough ...
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We're #1!

(Just Like) Starting Over

Between DC’s New 52 reboot and the competition’s Marvel Now revamp, the past year has seen more number ones than a dog show at a fire ...
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Cyclops vs Cyclops

Dazed by Future / Past

You knew just by walking into your comic book store that All New X-Men was going to be special, if only because issue #1 came in nine different ...
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Robot Chicken Super Hero Funeral

The Die Lie

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of The Death of Superman, who was killed while heroically selling three million issues of his comic book. ...
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Disney Star Wars Lucasfilms

Of Mouse and Man

Barely two weeks ago Disney stunned the nerd world with news of its acquisition of Lucasfilms, the creative benefit of which was almost immediately ...
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