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Conan the Barbarian

NYCC: Red Sonja and Conan Reunite

This upcoming weekend is the New York Comic Con, one of the larger cons out there. And, as we lead up to that time, we’ve been getting a ton of news announcements from many of the publishers trickling in (when [...]

October 9, 2013 News
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Comic Releases for October 9, 2013

Another week come and gone, and this time I have no eyepatch to prevent me from seeing! Because I have full visual capabilities today, I can bring you the releases list for what you can expect to find on your [...]

October 7, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4

Review: Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4

I recently picked up the second and third issues of this series to give it a shot, mostly because it was there on the shelves and the first issue actually did impress me. If you read our last Bullet Reviews, [...]

October 4, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
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Comic Releases for October 2, 2013

Yarrr, we be back! After last week in which we missed for getting you this list – which included an eyepatch, believe it or not, and not on International Talk Like a Pirate Day – but now we’re here with [...]

September 30, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Golden Age Superman Gets Collected Sunday Strips Book

When you think “Superman” your mind inevitably draws to DC Comics, the company that has been publishing the adventures of the Man of Steel for… well, pretty much forever! Because he’s been around for so long, his stories have been [...]

September 19, 2013 News
Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti talks Forager

Earlier this week I wrote about a Kickstarter project surrounding a comic called Forager. The book was one that I immediately backed once I found out who the creative team was and I saw some of the art, as writers [...]

September 19, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Kickstarter Profile: Forager

When you go into Kickstarter you never know what you’re going to find. There will be some gems and there will be some that just don’t shine as brightly for you. This will always be true. However, there are times [...]

September 16, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
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Comic Releases for September 18, 2013

We’ve hit the middle of September and with this we get another week of new releases hitting the shelves! There’s a lot ot see here so let’s just jump right in… ANTARCTIC PRESS Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue #8 Gold Digger [...]

September 16, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Red Sonja #3

Review: Red Sonja #3

3 issues ago, I picked up my first ever comic surrounding the character of Red Sonja. As I have said in my review of the first issue of this title, I was coming at the character afresh with no foreknowledge [...]

September 13, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
King's Watch #1

Review: Kings Watch #1

After seeing the ads for Kings Watch in a number of Dynamite books over the last few months, I didn’t know what to make of it. The publisher has been doing some great mashups of late, bringing together characters that have [...]

September 12, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Buffy Season 9 #25

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 9) #25

Like Season 8 and like all TV series, every season must come to an end and we’ve arrived at that point for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 9). OK, this isn’t a TV series, but it’s a direct continuation of the [...]

September 11, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Hit List #1

Review: Hit List #1

Zenescope is known for its Grimm Fairy Tales line of books but have also been reaching outside of that realm of late, with series like Fly and Screwed. The former is something more fantastical than anything and the latter still has its fingers [...]

September 11, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
X-Force #1

Episode VI: Return of the Gimmick

Over my time as a collector, I’ve seen a number of comic gimmicks come and go. Some were done quite well; others… not so much. Some enhanced the experience and others… nope. But recently this resurgence of gimmicks that were [...]

September 9, 2013 Features
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Comic Releases for September 11, 2013

Now that the long weekend is not upon us, I can get this list posted on the Monday when I usually do! Last week was a busy weekend and it didn’t get out there until Tuesday, but now we’re back [...]

September 9, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
All-New Invaders

Marvel NOW! Begins its Next Wave with some Invaders

We already had the heads up that Marvel would be launching a new Inhuman series that would follow its current event, “Infinity”. This put the concept of the Inhumans once again becoming front and center in the Marvel Universe, something [...]

September 9, 2013 News

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