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Comic Releases for November 6, 2013

Remember, Remember The 6th of November The Wednesday that new books hit the shelf … Yeah, I’m not a poet and so I have no clue how to finish that off. I’ll award a Marvel No-Prize to someone who can [...]

November 4, 2013 Features
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Picks of the Week for October 23, 2013

Hello Everybody, I’d like to welcome you to our new column, Picks of the Week. I will be posting these every Tuesday. The premise is simple. Basically, these are the Comic Booked staff’s favorite book (or books) of the week [...]

October 30, 2013 Features
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Comic Releases for October 30, 2013

‘Twas the day before Halloween, and all through the shop… Yeah, I’m no poet. But the penultimate day before Halloween 2013 approaches and, hey! There’re a bunch of new comic releases coming out! Let’s take a look and see what’s [...]

October 28, 2013 Features
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Comic Releases for October 23, 2013

There are only 2 more new comic release days until Halloween, and we know that a number of the books coming out will be more scary themed as a result. Let’s take a look at the new issues that the [...]

October 21, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Black Mass

Indie Spotlight: Black Mass #1

From time to time, Comic Booked has indie creators provide us with a book they are working on and has asked us for our opinion on the title they are producing. For the most part, many of these creators just [...]

October 19, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Matt Fraction

Matt Fraction Talks to a Fan about Suicide

I didn’t know how else to title this article. It’s basically that: Matt Fraction talks to a fan who is asking him about whether or not life is worth living. It’s unclear if the individual posting the question is truly [...]

October 17, 2013 Features

The Return of Chaos! Comics

Last year, Dynamite Entertainment released an Evil Ernie series that met with great acclaim, including many here at Comic Booked. One of our mainstays here was definitely sad to see it go. Well, among all of the other announcements at NTCC, [...]

October 15, 2013 News
IDW logo

NYCC: A Look at the IDW Announcements

We summarized a bunch of the Marvel announcements from this past weekend earlier, and now we are doing the same for the big announcements and press releases that IDW has made! Let’s take a look… We had a separate announcement [...]

October 15, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Marvel NYCC

NYCC: A Look at the Marvel Announcements

Now that New York Comic Con is over, Marvel has made a number of announcements of books that will make their appearance in the new year as part of its All-New Marvel NOW! launch. We’re going to see a number [...]

October 14, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
King's Watch #2

Previews: Kings Watch #2 from Dynamite Entertainment

I’ve been going on about a number of Dynamite Entertainment books of late, including a ton of news from NYCC. They’ve recently jumped into one of my favorite publishers in terms of quality of the book, both for writing and [...]

October 14, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Dynamite Logo

NYCC: Dynamite Announces the Return of Gold Key Classics

Last week, we reported on a number of teaser images being released from Dynamite Entertainment about a huge event that would be announced this past Friday at the New York Comic-Con. I had guessed that perhaps it had something to [...]

October 14, 2013 News
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Comic Releases for October 16, 2013

We’re hitting the middle of October, just in time for Halloween and of course comic costumes are gonna be the big thing this year, as with many other years! Let’s see what titles and releases may become inspiration for those [...]

October 14, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Afterlife with Archie #1

Review: Afterlife with Archie #1

I know what you’re thinking: You’re review an Archie comic? Really? Afterlife with Archie is not your typical Archie comic. It is like no other Archie comic I have ever read. Most of the Archie comics I have in my collection [...]

October 10, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Dynamite Logo

NYCC: Dynamite Teases a New Event for 2014

Every comics company has a major event. Marvel currently has Infinity and Battle of the Atom, DC has Forever Evil, and Zenescope just completed its Unleashed event. We don’t know much about what Dynamite has planned, but the 4 teaser posts they’ve revealed so [...]

October 10, 2013 News
Dynamite Logo

NYCC: Dynamite Goes Young with Li’l Dynamites

Continuing with their pre-conference announcements for NYCC, Dynamite Entertainment has unveiled a 5-week event to launch in January that comprises a number of one-shots focusing on some of their most famous characters… as you’ve never seen them before! Usually when [...]

October 10, 2013 News

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