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Jaquan Brown


Re;Ma!- Otakon 2013

And it's only one dollar. Yes, for my third year in a row, I went down to Otakon in Baltimore, MD, and while it was packed to the gills with ...
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Re;Ma!- Steins;Gate

Convention Season 2013 is alive and strong, ladies and gentlemen. Summer jobs are in full 9 to 5, cosplays being planned, and carpools are ...
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Re;Ma!- Down Memory Lane

Welcome to all new readers and/or previous readers! Welcome to the now revised Re;Ma! I've made a slight change in my formula related to manga. ...
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ReviewMa! Is This a Review?

Hooray! We’re less than 2 weeks until Christmas, and one week until the apocalypse! Wait. That doesn’t sound right. We can’t have the end ...
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ReviewMa!: Yozakura Quartet – Four’s a Crowd

Thanksgiving time. Time for food, family and both Christmas and Black Friday commercials. Seriously, Black Friday is dead ahead and people are ...
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ReviewMa! Disappearing Act

Ah, spinoffs. A series either has to be pretty good or have a massive fanbase in order for good spin offs to work. The fan base for The Melanc...
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ReviewMa! A Little Sister’s Perspective

  Ah good old Post-Conventional Shock Syndrome, the feeling of waking up and another convention’s come and gone for another 363 days. ...
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ReviewMa: Intro;Gate

     Hello to all people of mother earth! My name is Jaquan Brown, and I’m going to be your future poster boy for any and all things manga/...
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