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Sneak Peek – Man From Space 2

Man From Space comic creator Marc Jackson caught up with me with an EXCLUSIVE preview of the second issue of his comic. He also had a little ...
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Tyler Crook Gets Comic Booked!

I was unbelievably stoked when Marc Jackson forwarded me Tyler Crook's E-mail address. I have been ogling his gorgeous artwork on the Dark Horse ...
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PRESS RELEASE – FREE Online Comic Convention

Free "Online Comic Convention" announced for this weekend, focuses on webcomics and digital comics FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA ...
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Indie Insider: Interviewing Chris Houghton

  This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Houghton, Co-creator of the bear-riding cowboy comic known as Reed Gunther. We shot ...
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Super Corporate Heroes

Press Release – Super Corporate Heroes

I had the pleasure of reviewing Super Corporate Heroes months ago. Now you'll finally get your own copy of this AWESOME comic soon! Truth, ...
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Review: Blink – So Far

Quite often I default to looking for action packed comics to whisk me away from the realities of the world. But once in a while a gem falls into my ...
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Indie Insider: Interviewing Marc Jackson

What does U.K. comedian/TV host Jonathan Ross, Cartoonist Fred Hembeck, little old me and soon, BPRD illustrator, Tyler Crook have in common? ...
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Yuri the Gypsy Hunter

Review: Yuri the Gypsy Hunter #1

Lately I believe I'm becoming a magnet for AMAZING independent comics. Through to the cyber world of Facebook, I was reached by Todd Beistel to ...
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Kick-starting Indie Comics: Vigilante Project

Chris Dickens approached me with a request to read, he and best friend Philip Morgenthaler  newest creation, Vigilante Project: The Confessional. ...
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Review: ’41′ indie comic #1-4

Bob Frantz told me he would send me his comic 41 and like any good old reporter, I had to do some research. Trying to get a glimpse of what I was ...
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