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Jacob Thomas

Fanboys Vs. Zombies #10

Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #10

The FvZ team at BOOM! Studios continues to amaze me with their plethora of humor, action and dramatic outtakes. Fanboys vs. Zombies issue #9 left ...
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earth 2

Fury’s Identity Is Revealed!

Comic scribe James Robinson has been in the media spotlight as of late with his work on Earth 2 series which released a revealing issue #8 earlier ...
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amazing arizona comic con

Sunday Special: Pre-Con Event Amazing AZ Comic Con

January 11th held the Pre-Con Event at the Downtown Phoenix Tilted Kilt for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con coming soon on January 25th-27th. Amazing ...
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Lego Marvel Super-Heroes

LEGO MARVEL Video Game Officially Confirmed!

Over the last decade the video game industry became even more creative by turning your favorite movie titles into video games. More recently, we ...
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Welcome To Hyper Heroes

A Second Look at JC Alvarez’s “Hyper Heroes”

About a month ago, we here at Comic took a look at a new comic book series under a Kickstarter campaign, Hyper Heroes written by JC ...
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Game Consoles

Sunday Special! Emulators – The Next Best Thing?

With the vast expansion of technology of gaming consoles, newly designed gaming graphics, non-hand-held accessories, etc., a new generation of ...
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Marvel NOW!

Marvel NOW!: Secret Avengers

Marvel has become a whole new animal lately with the big news and spoilers on Amazing Spider-Man #700 and other titles switching over to a new ...
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Green Arrow #15

Review: Green Arrow #15

In Green Arrow #14, Oliver Queen returned from China after attempting to save his company, only to come home to join Hawkman in a battle in the ...
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Boom! Studios

Review: Fanboys Vs. Zombies #9

Ever since Fanboys Vs. Zombies, written by Sam Humphries, made it's debut in April of this year from BOOM! Studios, it has only been on the rise ...
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SDCC 2012 Logo

To Cosplay Or Not To Cosplay

Welcome to Adventures In Cosplay: From Amateur To Fanatic! At every single Con event every year, fans and comic creators alike like to come to ...
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