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Avacyn Restored

Their Last Words: And The Winner Is. . .

Last month, we held another exciting contest, with some. . . interesting requirements. You met our demands, and gave us your best written words, ...
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Geek & Sundry logo

Geek & Sundry’s Sheri Bryant Gets Comic Booked!

It's no secret that the lot of us here at Comic Booked are giant nerds. As such, we subscribe to a firm "Like everything Felicia Day" policy. ...
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Avacyn Restored logo

Their Last Words: The Comic Booked Avacyn Restored Contest

Ignite the dawn… It’s that time again, folks! We are a just over a month away from a new Magic: The Gathering expansion set, and you should ...
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Comic Booked Dark Ascension Contest: And The Winner Is…

About two weeks ago, we announced the first of many contests over at the Tabletop Gaming division!  We asked you to provide us with your best ...
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Digital Love: Caught in a Game Romance

Ahoy internet. Your Infamous Platypus here with nothing better to do on Valentines day another exciting adventure for you.  The gaming culture ...
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Atlus’ SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Summons New Full Trailer and Official Website Launch

Aha! Just what I've been waiting for. Atlus' Devil Survivor 2,set to release on February 28th just announced the launch of a new 'full' trailor, ...
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The face of Dark Ascension

Heroes of Magic: The Comic Booked Dark Ascension Contest!

Dark Ascension is a few days away, and last weekend we welcomed it across the country with pre-release contests  and tournaments.  We here at ...
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The Kid

Infamous Indie #1: Bastion

Ahoy, internet! Your Infamous Platypus here, with something new and a little different for you.  We're surrounded by news and advertisements of ...
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One of the intro decks for Dark Ascension

Dark Ascension: Intro Pack Deck Lists Released!

As the Dark Ascension approaches to its grand debut on February 3rd, Wizards of the Coast has recently released the deck lists for five Intro ...
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The likeness of the Loremaster

Forgotten Realms Creator to Script New Dungeons & Dragons® Comic

Ed Greenwood? Forgotten Realms!?  A new Dungeons & Dragons comic book series? Say what!? Awwwwww yeah!  How can Ed Greenwood scripting a new ...
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