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Crimson Blur


The Blur’s WonderCon Adventure!

This is The Crimson Blur signing in! What's up everybody? I am fresh outta Wonder Con and I am stoked. My only Con experience is with SDCC so I was ...
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Happy Birthday Will Eisner!

Time for another Blurthday shout out! This one is about a very important man who has done more for the comic industry than we know. Mr. Will ...
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Happy Birthday Colin Bell!

From one Colin to another, here's an extra special Birthday shout out to our Chief Operating Officer of Comic Booked LLC, Colin Bell! Mr. Bell is a ...
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Comic Booked DCU Online League!

The Crimson Blur is here and I have a full league behind me, who has my back! That's right, I'm talking about the League I lead on DC Universe ...
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Happy Birthday Joe Quesada!

Another proud Birthday shout out to a man who has accomplished one of my most significant dreams.  Write for comics as a career, work your way to ...
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Silver Surfer #1 First Look!

The Crimson Blur is on the scene! One of the many things I've always really appreciated about The Silver Surfer is how he's drawn. All of the ...
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Exclusive: FREAKSHOW Preview!

What's up my fellow comic book fans? The Crimson Blur is back and I've got an exclusive interview with the team over at FREAKSHOW! If you are ...
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Age of X: Alpha #1 PREVIEW

Hey everybody! It's The Crimson Blur again and I've got some fresh news from Marvel themselves! Age Of X: Alpha #1 is coming up quick so be ready ...
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Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

88 years ago, a legend was born. This man would go on to create some of the most famous and infamous heroes and villains this world has ever ...
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The Crimson Blur

The Crimson Blur Joins the Team!

In a world where danger could be around every turn, one boy wonder has vowed to protect it. A red and green blur dashes into the shadows keeping a ...
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