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FNM June 2012 DCI Foil

A WPN package just arrived at our door from our super friendly Fed Ex lady. It contained the June DCI promo for FNM. So what is it you ask? ...
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Avacyn Restored GameDay

And now for something a little different. We are adding a cash prize to our Magic the Gathering GameDay tournaments starting with Avacyn ...
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Throwdown IV

It has been a crazy, busy, fun weekend with Avacyn releasing on Friday and a new special promo from WOTC for FNM. Waves of people for Free ...
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Free Comic Book Day is Here!

Well Saturday, May 5th, of this fine 2012 year has arrived. is ready to help you celebrate the comic holiday of Free Comic Book ...
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Avacyn Restored $99 Friday Deal

A big hearty thank you goes out to all the players that attended the Avacyn Restored prerelease events this past weekend. There was a much ...
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FNM @ 4/27/12

We always have FREE fun on Friday nights here at our brick and mortar store,! How do we do that? FNM and the NO FEE JUST FUN ...
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Capcom at WonderCon, a Cousin Matt Exclusive!

It seemed that having WonderCon in Anaheim this year made life a little difficult for some.  It seemed that a lot more people anntended this year, ...
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Into the Roil- The One About Formats

I want to personally apologize for my lateness on this article, it's been a beast of a month for me. But we live on, and I continue writing. For ...
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Everything Daily – Save for Web

I sometimes talk about things that will drive readers away, like last week I mentioned bad layout that makes it hard to follow the story. Previou...
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Everything Daily – Layout Styles

One of the great things about webcomics is that they don’t have to fit any particular format or Layout Style, be it newspaper, comic book or ...
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