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female video game characters with short hair

5 best female video game characters with short hair

Female video game characters are famous for their outlandish looks or gravity-defying appearances. Whether it’s the drag-queen make-up or dresses ...
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final fantasy xiv

Review: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

It's been a little under three years since the first Final Fantasy XIV was released and recalled by Square Enix. After negative reception towards ...
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Superior Spider-Man #19 - Page 1

Review: Superior Spider-Man #19

You know what's a great way, in my opinion, to hold an audience? Have interesting side stories that have a constant will they or want they feel and ...
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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #27 - Page 1

Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #27

Spider-Man no more? More like Spider-man for sure! Will Miles and Jessica be able to overcome the ruthless Tony Masters, save Bombshell and bring ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy #6 - Page 1

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #6

"I am the Watcher. I have been tasked to watch and record the pivotal events of the Earth." We all know the story of the Watcher and boy does he ...
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Superior Spider-Man #18

Review: Superior Spider-Man #18

Superior Spider-Man #18 picks up directly where we left off in issue 17, the long awaited Spider-Man of the future, Miguel O' Hara (aka Spider-Man ...
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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad

At first glance, the Marvel Super Hero squad appeared for kids only. Fortunately, I am very immature. With their oversized feet and big smiles, the ...
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jay and silent bob strike back

Rewind Review: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

As I'm still new to the Comic Booked universe, I decided to throw my ring into the Kevin Smith month hat. The movie that I'm looking back on is Jay ...
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Marvel Heroes Founders Program

Marvel Heroes: Details on Founders Program Revealed

Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment is looking to get people on board for Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMO action-RPG, with a founders program ...
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video game

Are Video Games on the Road to Change?

The video game world has changed over the years and not just when it comes to consoles. While our controllers have been riddled with triggers ...
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