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Aidan Vitti


Cosplay Round-Up: Emerald City Comicon 2014

Well it's Tuesday and I think I'm finally starting to recover from Emerald City Comicon and preparing for it. This year, we somehow finagled a ...
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Dremel kits range from all sizes, so do your research to find the best one for your price range.

Holiday Gift Guide: Cosplay Edition

Maybe you're not a cosplayer, but your friend is. Your significant other is. Your little sister, or maybe your nephew. Whoever it is, sometimes ...
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Halloween: Costumes with Options

There's a definite shift in costumes on Halloween these days. When I was a child, you had store-bought options. You could be a Power Ranger or ...
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Grumpy Cat properly visualizes my opinions on this episode.

Heroes of Cosplay Catch-Up: Episode 4

After watching episode four, I have decided that so far, three was the peak of the series for me. Four reintroduced a lot of themes I struggled ...
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Heroes of Cosplay Catch-Up: Episode 3

So I've been hemming and hawing about getting these episodes watched and commented on. I have a lot of friends who cosplay and a lot more who ...
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PAX Prime 2013: Cosplay Round-up

PAX Prime ended last night! It was the first year that they added Monday, making it a four-day convention full of videogames, tabletop games, ...
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Why I Haven’t Been Writing About SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay

All right, so I admit that as a cosplay writer and contributor at Comicbooked, it should ultimately be my job to report on any number of things ...
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DC Comics Steampunk group

SDCC: Where are those cosplay photos, anyway?

One of the biggest irritants I have with cosplaying is the fact that despite the dozens of people who will stop and ask me for a photograph, I'll ...
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robot + little girl

SDCC: Cosplay Round-up 2013

Hey friends, here are some shots from the floor at San Diego Comic-con 2013! I know I'm not the only one that is commenting on this, but it was ...
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Cosplay: How to Take Pictures at Comic-con

OK, with SDCC literally days away, I'm embarking on a group of posts specifically about cosplay in relation to conventions such as San Diego (holey ...
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