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The Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Comic Booked is proud to partner with to bring you live streaming after shows for some of the best tv shows out there. Tune in here right after Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tonight for a live stream feed of [...]

April 21, 2015 Movies and TV
The Flash

TheStream.TV: The Flash Season 1 Ep. 19 Aftershow

Comic Booked is proud to bring all the fans of The Flash, the FOX tv show based on the DC Comics character, a live streaming after show brought to us by the folks at Tune in here right after [...]

April 21, 2015 Movies and TV
funny books

Freakin’ List O’ Comics: This Week With Extra Sideboob!

This week, we take a look at the list of the new comics coming out for April 22, 2015. But you guys are really just here for the sideboob, right? You have to wait till the end. Good things come [...]

April 20, 2015 News
just another

Just Another Zenescope Monday: April 20, 2015

Hey, it’s 4/20! You know that means? That’s right. Another installment of JAZM, Just Another Zenescope Monday. This week we will be previewing the new books coming out from Zenescope on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Two great series continue, Charmed [...]

April 20, 2015 Features

Which Box To Pick?

Everyone likes to get deals and save money and get cool stuff. Right? Pretty sure I am not the only one who looks through the bargain bins at the comic book shop or cruises down the clearance toy aisle at [...]

April 19, 2015 Features
comics after dark

Podcast: Comic After Dark – Episode 95

COMICS AFTER DARK: EPISODE 95 I would like to welcome a new feature to Comic Booked as we another great podcast to our site. The folks at Comics After Dark were good enough to give us access to their podcast [...]

April 13, 2015 Features
Just another

Just Another Zenescope Monday: Farewell Easter Bunny

While the Easter Bunny may be gone for another year, we still have the White Rabbit of Wonderland in the pages of the Zenescope comics. Right up until Dark Cheshire gets fed up with his whining and just eats him. [...]

April 13, 2015 Features
funny books

My Big Fat Comic Book List: April 15, 2015

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of comics… Oh, who am I kidding, we think about comics all the time. And you ladies out there, too. Comics are always on our minds, especially with the [...]

April 13, 2015 News
sage escape

Indy Spotlight: Sage Escape

Looking for an interesting new sci-fi series to get into? Well, look no further than Sage Escape from Primal Archetype. Damian S. Simankowicz is the writer and artist on this series. I will give you a short summary of each [...]

April 12, 2015 Features
funny books

Big Wad Of Comic Stuff: Day After Easter

So, it is the day after Easter, or as I like to call it The Day of the Half-Price Easter Candy at Wal-Mart. As you slowly sink into a diabetic coma, sift through this chewy wad of comic stuff that [...]

April 6, 2015 News
Barb Wire

Get Exclusive Barb Wire #1 Variant FREE!

DARK HORSE TO OFFER ADAM HUGHES ‘BARB WIRE’ #1 VARIANT TO RETAILERS IN EXCHANGE FOR ‘STAR WARS’ #1 COVERS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse’s number-one bounty hunter, Barb Wire, is back, and even more audacious! She’s ready to take [...]

April 1, 2015 News
Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley Season One Giveaway

From the offbeat minds of Alec Berg and Mike Judge, the HBO Original Series – Silicon Valley: The Complete First Season – is available now to own on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. Another opportunity to give cool stuff away to our [...]

March 31, 2015 Features
just another

Just Another Zenescope Monday: Last Catch Up

Welcome to the last catch up article for Just Another Zenescope Monday. Finally, we can catch up one of the most fun series that we missed from Zenescope over the last few months. I will catch you up on the [...]

March 30, 2015 Features
New Comics

The Dawn Of The Planet Of The New Comics List: April 1, 2015

With the upcoming announcement that all comic books will now be moving digital in a last ditch effort to save the planet’s rainforests, this may well be the last new comic list. All future lists will be beamed directly into [...]

March 30, 2015 News

Twitter Time: Deadpool Exposed!

We all want Ryan Reynolds to be Deadpool, the real Deadpool and not some mouth-stitched-up sword-arm-having reject from the Mortal Kombat franchise… And it now looks official. Check out this picture just posted up on Ryan’s Twitter feed. [...]

March 27, 2015 News

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