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Assassins Creed III – Gameplay Trailer World Premiere, or IS it?

Simon Peter Curran 05/07/2012 Reviews

Now, I’m not one for getting excited over things I see on the Internet… Wait, that’s exactly what I do! It seems we’ve got some colonial-based excitement ahead, hold onto your tri-corner hats, people!

Ubisoft dropped a bit of a bomb today by announcing the World Premiere of the gameplay trailer for their much anticipated epic; Assassins Creed III. Or did they? The answer is yes… and no.

In a stroke of Internet marketing genius, the Ubisoft team have announced they will reveal the trailer if they can reach a target of 2,000,000 internet interactions. Fans must tweet, share on Facebook and message their way to victory as they “unite” to unlock the trailer.

As of this writing, the counter stands at an immense 1,776,000 shares, tweets and interactions remaining. So join me, my brothers and sisters. Unite in our common cause, and bring the world premiere of Assassins Creed III to the people!

Assassins Creed III

You can access the official unite page right here. Join in the cause as help us unlock the trailer!

Tweet me your progress and strategies @thesimonpeter, and be sure to check back with Comic Booked for our impressions when the trailer is finally unveiled!



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