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Aspen Comics Offers a First Glimpse at IDOLIZED Art!

R. B. LeMoyne 04/03/2012 Reviews

If you’ve been watching our Idolized coverage, you already know that Aspen Comics is tackling the superhero genre in a big way. They’ve opened up the superheroic ranks to their fans and given us a supermodel superhero. Now, to whet our appetite for the June debut of issue one, Aspen is giving us our first glimpse of the interior art for the first few issues of Idolized!



Idolized #0 Joe Benitez coverEach day throughout the month of April Aspen will be revealing a single panel – or a glimpse at a piece of a panel – from issues 0, 1 and 2 of IDOLIZED. Fans have seen some of IDOLIZED’s covers, but none of the interior art until now.  The artwork can be seen by visiting the official IDOLIZED Facebook page at


“We’ve been aching to show fans how absolutely amazing the interiors on this series look,” said Aspen’s Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez.  “Micah Gunnell’s pencils on this book are beyond outstanding, and we can’t wait for the readers to see how spectacular it is.”


“IDOLIZED” is Aspen’s first-ever superhero series.  It tells the story of girl with super-powers and a tortured past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in a televised super-hero competition show.  Essentially, it’s “True Grit” meets “American Idol”…with capes.  The series is written by Michael’s brother David B. Schwartz (acclaimed writer of Image Comics’ “MELTDOWN”, “Aspen Showcase: Ember” and “Fathom: Blue Descent”), with explosive art by Micah Gunnell (“Shrugged”, “Executive Assistant: Orchid”, “Dellec”) and colors by David Curiel (“Executive Assistant: Orchid”).  Cover artists will Idolized #0 Rachel Clark coverinclude ART ADAMS, JOE BENITEZ, KERON GRANT, HUMBERTO RAMOS and more of the biggest names in comics.  The first issue will debut June 27th, 2012.


Please visit for more details on the series.

For more information on Aspen Comics, please check or

And follow IDOLIZED writer David B. Schwartz on Twitter: @davidbschwartz

I was already excited about this title, now I’m absolutely ecstatic with what I’ve seen of the interior art! But why should I have all the fun? Take a look at the first couple sneak peeks here and let us know what you think in the comments section below! Then keep your eyes on Comic Booked in the coming months as we get closer to the big release date of IDOLIZED!

Day One preview

Day Two preview

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  1. Robb Orr 04/03/2012 at 12:09 am

    I really dig that first panel of interior art!

    • R. B. LeMoyne 04/03/2012 at 8:16 am

      I know, right? Really makes you wonder what's going on in that scene!

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