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Archer & Armstrong #4: Sneak Peek!

David Vandervliet 11/08/2012 Reviews

I must have a pretty cool goose somewhere. Why else would I keep being able to deliver these golden, Valiant-shaped eggs?

Here’s a sneak peak of Archer & Armstrong #4.  Archer & Armstrong is everyone’s favorite buddy comic, featuring a 10,000-year-old immortal Archer & Armstrong #4 Cover(Armstrong) and the 18-year-old assassin who was trying to kill him (Archer). Of course, that was before Archer found out his fundamentalist parents are really part of an international cabal of cults who were seeking to gather together the pieces of the mystical ancient artifact that gave Armstrong his immortality.

And this issue features Nazi Lamas.  Yes, your read that correctly. Nazi Lamas. You can’t miss that.  Check out the preview pages below.

All this hot on the heels of this week’s fantastic Shadowman #1.

From Valiant:

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #4 is Classified! FUBAR! Verboten!

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #4 by New York Times best-selling creative team of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry! The epic climax of Archer & Armstrong’s first trek through the Valiant Universe is almost here!. The Boon’s unholy power unleashed! The genesis of Archer’s abilities revealed! Ziplines! It all happens right here (and, well, in the eventual trade paperback collection too).

High in the Himalayas, Valiant’s bow-and-bottle-slinging adventurers are primed to storm the Sect’s secret citadel. Can they make it before the Nazi lamas within release the civilization-shattering power of the Boon? And when Archer’s parents suddenly attack, can anyone prepare for the revelation of the secret ally that could ensure victory for their own personal last crusade?  (Hint: they chose…poorly.)

You’ve read the reviews. You’ve trolled the comments section. You’ve begged and pleaded with your retailer to make the senseless praise stop. Now step into the light and behold the glory that is Archer & Armstrong #4 – on sale November 14th. Fnord!

Archer & Armstrong #4 On Sale November 14

A $3.99 Comic, 32 Pgs.
Rated T+
Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry
Cover by Jason Pearson
Variant Cover by Juan Doe

Archer & Armstrong page

Archer & Armstrong page 2

Archer & Armstrong page 3

Archer & Armstrong page 4

Archer & Armstrong page 5


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