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The Apartment: Episode 1- Comic Booked Humor

Crimson Blur 06/18/2014 Movies and TV
The Apartment Web Series

From the studio that brought you The Quest Web Series and Young Justice: Abduction, Comic Booked Studios proudly presents our first attempt at a comedy web series! The Apartment!

The Apartment 1

The Quest Web Series

The Apartment 2

Young Justice: Abduction

The Apartment follows the room mates/team mates of Comic Booked Studios as they prepare for comic conventions, filming, and life in general; all while not having a single dollar in their budget. Scroll down for more information on our characters from The Apartment!

Join Colin, Sean, Randy, and Amelia as they dive deeper into the comic book industry and constantly try to improve the quality of their videos, convention appearances, and more!


The Apartment 3

Colin Bass, writes and stars as Crimson Blur in The Quest Web Series and Nightwing in Young Justice: Abduction.

The Apartment 4

Sean Swanson directs, edits, and acts in The Quest Web Series as fan favorite Bruce Balbowski and Harvey Bullock in Young Justice: Abduction.

The Apartment 5

Randy Ralston creates props in both shows and acts as Jade Sorcerer/Arthur McArthur in The Quest Web Series and acts as The Riddler in Young Justice: Abduction.

The Apartment 6

Amelia Propati has guest starred in The Quest Web Series as the Ignitor and does a lot of behind the scenes work for Young Justice: Abduction.

The Apartment, created by: Colin Bass

Directed/edited by: Sean Swanson

Written by: Colin Bass, Sean Swanson, Randy Ralston, and Amelia Propati

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