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Angel & Faith # 15

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This month’s issue of Angel brings back the character Whistler, who previously appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s season 2. He was the one responsible for helping Angel go from a back-alley rat eater to the road to redemption. He’s made subsequent appearances on BtVS , Angel, and then later in the canonical 8th season of the BtVS comics. This issue picks up with Whistler’s return as he tries to convince Angel to help him restore magic into the world – the catch though will come at a major cost for billions of people, which doesn’t sit well with Angel. Angel thanks Whistler for having helped him on his path, but refuses to help him restore the Earth’s magic.

This is really a double origin story for 3 characters in Buffy’s 8th season. There’s Whistler, who in this issue tells Angel how he came to be (it reminded me of the origin of Genesis from Garth Ennis’ awesome saga, “Preacher”) , and then there is the origin story of Pearl and Nash, the two henchmen of Twilight (Angel) in BtVS season 8- their mother intentionally bred with a demon to ensure that they be the next phase in evolution. It’s essentially what both Buffy’s and Angel’s worlds are coming down to in each respective comic: Earth’s next step. Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder at the conclusion of season 8, thus stripping all magicks and dimensional entryways from Earth. The result in which Earth is slowing dying, whether its inhabitants know it or not. Whistler, since season 2 of Buffy, has been dropping hints at the next step in both character’s destinies, what’s to come of the world’s future, and now it’s all starting to happen piece by piece.

Origin stories are always interesting in that you get to see how the particular character started out and how the circumstances and events, both before and after they were born, had a hand in developing how that person – or demon – came to be. The one thing I love about the Buffy/Angelverse is that everything happens for a reason, and every character, big or small, has a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Angel & Faith # 15 hit shelves on October 31st and is definitely worth picking up!

Angel & Faith 15 Dark Horse Comics

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