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And So it Begins…Brightest Day #0

Comic Booked 05/16/2010 Reviews

Growing up, it was Marvel first, Marvel always. I did enjoy Batman, Superman, maybe a few other titles, but that’s about it. Marvel stories, Image and Top Cow all topped the list.

Now that I’m caught up on Blackest Night, Brightest Day has arrived. The doors to the DC Universe have been opened to me, and I am completely fascinated with the many Rings, and how much Green Lantern kicks major ass.

“Once dead, twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by a white light expelled from deep within the center of the Earth. The reason behind their rebirth remain a mystery. But it will not be a mystery for long. This is the Brightest Day. ”

Brightest Day

More on Brightest Day #0

The resurrection…good and bad. The White Light and it’s mystery. The DC Team delivers a powerful punch with cross-overs and variant covers galore. We start our journey with Brightest Day #0.

Brightest Day 0

Carpe Diem indeed for Deadman. The story takes off immediately. Aquaman, Flash, Hawkman and Hawkgirl…the pages turn and it appears things aren’t too bright after all. A darkness and mystery certainly looms, the mystery of the white light. Star City shot is classic, and Sinestro finishes things up.

They’ve Been Resurrected-For a Reason!

Brightest Day, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash…the list of titles is a bit overwhelming. I am excited about the story, Geoff Johns and this Brightest Day run. However, I’m not too sure my wallet is going to agree with this behemoth!

Stay tuned! Flash #1, Brightest Day #1, Titans: Villains for Hire #1 (Who’s Hired Deathstroke to Find Black Adam?)…..and many more to follow.

Brightest Day Checklist soon too.

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