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An Intro To Avacyn

Tseng Fayt 05/01/2012 Reviews

Aiming to bring ‘newbies’ to the game of Magic: the Gathering in a “from zero to hero” fashion, Wizards of the Coast has released more of their signature learning tools known as the Intro Decks along side the upcoming booster set, Avacyn Restored. By providing strategically placed stepping stones that give new players everything needed to get started, Wizards has afforded a great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the world of Magic.

With the recent destruction of the Helvault, a magical stone monolith sealed with angelic spells that served as a prison to demons and Avacyn the angel of hope, a wave of threats has been unleashed into the world of Innistrad. Now it is up to you to choose which side you are on in the struggle to save, or destroy, Innistrad once and for all!

Slaughterhouse, Solitary Fiends, Fiery Dawn, Bound by Strength and finally, Angelic Might is the roster of decks for the new release, andFiery Dawn they pack in a host of tips and tricks that should leave players with a ‘soulbond’ to Magic the Gathering just as strong as the creatures themselves. Aggression and strength by numbers or field presence/control seem to be a common theme with these decks. The best part of these play styles is that they reward players for making strong plays and on the fly decisions which is just what players need to become stronger players within a faster learning curve.

Angelic Might was the first deck leaked and is a strong competing deck right out of the box, equipped with a slew of angels ranging from offensive and defensive tactics utilizing vigilance mechanics to the powerful life gaining abilities of lifelink. This deck is built to deal massive damage steadily turn by turn, but the best part is that it can take just as big of a beating as it can dish out. This deck is a concrete list for those that wish to learn the game while enjoying the story of Avacyn.

Peel from RealityControl seems to be a play style of choice, especially for the Blue/White/Black color combinations of decks. Solitary Fiends does just that, by centering itself around keeping solo threats locked onto the battlefield and protecting them as they hit hard continuously. Pair this with spot removal and clean, low cost answers to the more troublesome problems of the opponent’s deck for a solid line up for this introductory deck.

Sparing no lives the third deck on the roster is known as Slaughterhouse. This mean little deck uses every chance it gets to spawn and sacrifice is creatures at not a cost but instead a benefit. Using the Undying mechanic to its full potential, Slaughterhouse makes sure that all the blood spilled is done in favor of purpose and not in vain. For players wanting to ascend into more darkness than the last set offered and then some, this deck is great at subjecting them to what it takes to be a great Black list player.

Teamwork is a big theme with Avacyn Restored, which is expressed in the fourth intro deck, Fiery Dawn. This deck focuses on putting out lots of soldiers and burning opponents to the ground with waves of tech instant and sorcery spells that help as board wipes or spot removal.

Bonding creatures with the ‘soulbond’ mechanic proves to be the win condition of choice with the fifth and final deck, Bound by Strength. Pairing two creatures that both get advantage by being soulbonded, then smashing into opponent’s defenses when they are vulnerable using cards like Joint Assault is a sure way to seal a win. In this deck most of your threats are expendable as they will be paired with another threat right after.

With these five decks, players of any style, or those just joining the Magic: The Gathering fun can find something they like, and get themselves ready for casual games, Friday Night Magic, and beyond.

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