Why wait until Halloween to display your love for a character?  Why wait until Halloween to get your sexy back?  CHECK it out friends!  You get to see them before their even available for purchase.   A line of costumes based on DC Direct’s Ame-Comi statues.

Ame-Comi brings the style of Japanese Manga to DC Comics’ American superheroes.  These superheroes were released by DC last year as action figures, and now the world will have the costumes!  Three of them anyway, ready to order soon!
It’s obvious if you know me, that I would show you my first favorite!  Wonder Woman herself.  And I think they did a very good job if you ask me.
Next on the ready made costume list is Catwoman.
And lastly, Super Girl:

These costumes will be available for pre-order very soon, and Costume Craze should have them in stock this summer!

Go to www.CostumeCraze.com and check them out again and look at their selection of Marvel and DC costumes!  I recommend them!

Here are a few I’d really love to see come to life but some may or may not due to the expense and detail.  We probably won’t see unless we make them ourselves.  Can you guess which one of these not made that I’ll be making and cosplaying?

So once again, go to www.costumecraze.com and check out what they’ve got to order.  I’m ordering Wonder Woman right away as soon as I can pre order.  Did you guess which other costume I’ll be having made?  Leave me a comment here on our site and I’ll let you know if you won a print of me in cosplay by being the first to guess right.

ALSO!!!!  Don’t forget cosplayers, we have an official COSPLAY CONTEST on our site.  We hold it monthly and are looking for Mr and Miss March so please enter the contest.  Look under the cosplay tab on our site for instructions on how to enter the contest.  We look forward to seeing more entries.  =)

As Always, Keep your eyes where they should be: in a Comic Book~Smiles, Brieanna