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Is ‘Amazing’ Swinging Back To The Shelves? Maybe… Maybe Not

Skott Jimenez 01/11/2014 Features

The following is an Op-Ed on recent news:

There was an image supposedly leaked by Marvel recently, an image that has apparently since been pulled at the request of Marvel itself. I’m not going to post the image because Marvel doesn’t want people to see it anymore so don’t expect to see it Here.

That is interesting.

When the image came out, an image showing a supposedly “Otto-free” Peter Parker swinging over New York with his mask in hand and the cover blurb of “The Amazing Spider-Man #1” in the lower right corner, everyone began their speculation. The anti-Superior crowd has already started backtracking on their near constant attacks on writer Dan Slott by expressing some kind of respect for him.

This is also interesting.

It’s interesting because of the speculation that’s going around. The Amazing camp is hell bent on getting rid of Superior while theAmazing Spider-Man #339 Superior camp seems to just be enjoying a good story, fully aware that it won’t last forever. But there are a few things to consider before celebrating the end of one of the more unique eras in Spider-Man History. I have decided to weigh in on this issue with my own personal opinions on both sides of this issue. First, why this probably isn’t happening:

*First off there has been no confirmation from Marvel that this is a legit cover. Anyone who has paid even the slightest attention in recent years knows that Marvel absolutely loves free publicity to the point they are willing to spoil endings to major arcs (Death of Johnny Storm) if it gets their name in the news.
*Which leads me to my second point: No story on Marvel rarely seems to make major announcements about their comics within the comics community. They now go to the USA Today website, a decidedly NON comic book site (also not a site that cares if it spoils our stories) for every major announcement.
*Three: Superior Spider-Man is a consistent seller. It generally outsells most of Marvel’s top-tier books. Despite the hate for it, it still has an audience, apparently even those who hate it buy it. But it sells enough to support other books like Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, and even the renamed Superior Carnage. If Marvel were to end Superior then that would put those other books on the chopping block as well and I don’t see that happening with Superior Foes in particular, which seems to be getting something of a cult following. For Marvel the ‘S’ in Spider-Man is a dollar sign.
*Four: And this is important, folks, just because it’s supposedly Peter Parker and just because it’s called Amazing Spider-Man #1, and this is taking this cover as being legit, there is no evidence to support that this is modern-day Peter Parker. It could very well be a mini-series spotlighting some early, or Untold Tales, of the Amazing Spider-Man so Marvel has a book with the title matching the movie on the shelves.
*Five: The movie. Yes, the movie itself could be a reason to suspect the validity of this image. It’s simple: Marvel and Disney don’t own the movie rights to Amazing Spider-Man. They also don’t own the rights to X-Men and the term mutants and look what they are doing with that. The mutants, in the 616, are being replaced as the most mistreated group by the Inhumans. Marvel still owns the motion picture rights to the term Inhuman. There is no reason to think the same rule applies to Spider-Man.
*Six: The cover this is supposedly on  says it’s for Marvel titles coming out in March and April. We’ve already seen the March books and there is no mention that March’s Superior Spider-Man #30 is the penultimate issue, in fact there is nothing to indicate the series is coming to an end.
Superior Spider-Man #30
*And finally, Seven: I put this last because this is perhaps the oddest reason to think this is balderdash. I, like so many others, follow Dan Slott on Facebook. Back in November he was posting pictures of himself and the movie Peter Parker and I made the following comment:
“PLEASE don’t change the book to match the movie. The thing I love about the series is that is ignores these movies.” Yes, I’m not a fan of the movies but I truly hate that the 616 is being deformed to match them.
Here is the response, roughly an hour and a half later, from Slott:
Skott Jimenez I don’t think that’s something you need to worry about it. Not an issue.”
Granted this was back in November but, honestly, that wasn’t very long ago.

Now, it is possible that this is going to happen and Superior Spider-Man is coming to an end. Here are the reasons to support this:

First: Superior Spider-Man has reached a very high number. The March issue is the 30th in the series and as Marvel has made us very aware comics fans these days are simply not smart enough to follow a series for more than a few years. I’ll probably discuss this topic soon because the very thought of it annoys me to no end.
Second: It’s MARVEL. They love nothing more than the ‘high sales’ of yet another #1 issue. Plus with this they get to use the already annoying “All-New” tag along with it.
Third: Honestly, I could only come up with those two reasons considering how Marvel does these things anymore. But it’s better than nothing, right?

Now, I could be way off on this. Marvel could be killing its cash cow and replacing it with a book bearing the character and title of a movie they don’t own the rights to. I have to say, though, I hope Superior isn’t coming to an end because it is, hands down, the most entertaining Spider-Man has been in a long time and that’s saying a lot because since Brand New Day the series, no matter the name, has been just plain fun.
If it does end and Amazing Spider-Man comes back I have to say I’d be disappointed to see it starting over from yet another *yawn* #1 issue when they could just continue from #701 and put their annoying #1 icon in the upper right corner like they have been doing and go from there. Amazing Spider-Man #701.NOW, sounds much better than Amazing Spider-Man #1 (again).
It also lessens my interest in the book. I hate starting over for no reason.

But that’s my opinion, what do you, the Comic Booked Universe, think?

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