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Amanda Wyss Discusses Nightmare On Elm Street and Fans

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With Rock And Shock 2011 fast approaching on October 14th-October 16th; Jeff Hughes sits down with actress and first victim of “Freddy Kruger“, Amanda Wyss, and talks wih her about her acting career and about the fans she meets at conventions; along with her memories as being part of one of the most iconic horror movies Nightmare On Elm Street.

Amanda Wyss is most well known for her role as “Christina ‘Tina’ Gray” in Nightmare On Elm Street. Some of her other notable roles include: “Lisa” from the ultimate time Actress Amanda Wysscapsule movie from the 80’s Fast Times At Ridgemont High,  “Phoebe” from one of the most successful westerns Silverado, and  “Beth Truss” John Cusack‘s love interest and the woman he “tried” to die over in Better Off Dead.  Amanda also portrayed “Randi MacFarland” from the hit Highlander series.

Q: Movie fans and horror fans know you from your character such as “Cristina Grey” from Nightmare On Elm Street.  How do you feel about playing a iconic character in one of the most iconic horror movies of all time?

A: I enjoyed playing the role of Tina and I’m in awe of the force that is NMOES. I am grateful to be a part of a film that so many people still love.

Q: You have the distinct role as being one of those characters that hold the honor of being first to die in a classic horror movie. The list is very short and distinguished; you share the list with:  Robbi Morgan (Annie from Friday The 13th) and Sandy Johnson (Judith Meyers from Halloween) just to name a few.  What do you think about being part of such a short but unique group?

A: I have never thought of it like that…that there is a list. I just knew that I was Freddy’s first!

Q: This is a question I asked Heather Langenkamp, and thought I may ask you the same question; did you have nightmares during or after the filming of Nightmare On Elm Street that were caused by the movie?

A: I didn’t have nightmares inspired by the story, but I did have nightmares from the eels, worms, body bags and all the other “outward bound”, survival/gross-out stuff I Amanda Wyss Nightmare On Elm Streethad to do. LOL!

Q: What are some of the strangest pieces of Nightmare On Elm Street memorabilia that fans have asked you to sign? Also, what is the strangest question have you been asked by a fan?

A: First, I have always found the fans to be AWESOME! I haven’t ever been asked to sign anything but photos, posters, and stuff like that. I have heard some WILD stories from other actors though.

Q: There have been plenty of horror remakes over the years, including Nightmare On Elm Street.  Have you seen any of these movies, and if so, which ones would consider the best or the worst?

A: Oh man, the remake question. I haven’t seen the remake of NMOES. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really go to many remakes. I have many friends that are writers. I would rather go see something new and original.

Q: Back in the late 70’s and 80’s horror movies were considered shocking and violent. Do you think today’s horror movies are more violent than the those early years, and do you think they go over the top?

A: I am not an expert on this, but it seems like the films today are way more violent in a gross-out, shock value sort of way. It seems like film makers don’t think they can holdFreddy Kruger Nightmare On Elm Street anyone’s attention any more with story, so they do super quick cuts, tons of explosions, crashes, blood, and bodily harm.

Q: Does it bother you to be considered a “Scream Queen?”

A: I am perfectly fine with being called a Scream Queen. I even have that on my twitter account bio: Actress, Scream Queen, and Yogini. @_AmandaWyss

Q: You have been involved in a wide range of movies and television shows from horror and sci-fi, to drama and comedy. What is your favorite genre to work in?

A: I LOVE sci-fi and wish I was working on more projects in that genre. That said, I love disappearing into a role. Finding the truth and joy. That challenge and discovery can be found in any genre with a good story.

Q: What are some of your favorite movies and television shows that you have acted in, and why are they your favorites?

A: I loved filming Silverado — most fun I have ever had on a set. I also liked the Highlander TV series. They were fun stories and the actors were great to work with.

Q: You also appeared in the Nightmare On Elm Street retrospective documentary Never Sleep Again. What parts of the documentary do think will surprise fans the most?

A: That documentary was so well done. I really enjoyed watching it and I was surprised by things that I either didn’t know or had forgotten about. So, I imagine the fanFast Times At Ridgemont Highs will have some surprises too.

Q: You, along with other cast members of Nightmare On Elm Street, including Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp, will be attending Rock And Shock 2011.  Is this your first year at the convention?

A: This is my first year at Rock and Shock. I am very excited! Everyone says that it is so much fun. And I love getting to hang out with Heather and Robert.

Q: When attending a convention with other cast members from Nightmare On Elm Street, is it like getting together with family?

A: Whenever we can all be together at a convention it is so much fun. It really is like getting together with family. We are all actually friends and genuinely like each other.

Q: As a fan, who would you like to meet at Rock And Shock and why do you want to meet them?

A: I enjoy meeting and chatting with the fans of NMOES, Better off Dead, Fast Times, Silverado, Highlander, CSI; whichever show. I like hearing their stories. How they came to be at the convention, how they got there, who they are with…  I ask a lot of questions. LOL.

I want to thank Amanda Wyss for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and visit her IMDB page for a complte list of her projects and body of work.

For all of you film and horror fans, make sure to attend Rock And Shock, October 14th-16th at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Be sure to check out the Nightmare On Elm Street panel that will include: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, and of course Amanda Wyss. Be sure to visit the Rock and Shock guest page for a complete list of all the great guests.



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    She seems like a wonderful person to talk to. Great interview! I remember her in Better Off Dead now, it never clicked before.

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